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Body Language Expert Analyzes Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ Debut on “Live with Kelly and Mark

“Live with Kelly and Mark” made its much-awaited debut on April 17, and body language expert Jess Ponce III had some exclusive insights to share about the dynamic between the show’s co-hosts, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Ponce noted that the couple’s clasped hands when walking out “shows both commitment and a bit of nervousness,” with Consuelos appearing to be slightly more anxious than Ripa.

Ponce observed that Consuelos’ decision to pull out Ripa’s chair for her demonstrated that he is “conscientious of being a gentleman” or at least appearing like one on air. However, the expert added that it also showed “he was … slightly nervous and found refuge behind a chair. Either way, he gave his wife her props.” Ponce also noted that Consuelos is aware that Ripa is the leading force behind the show, which has been her domain for decades.

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Ponce did question whether the couple had agreed on how to start the show, as Ripa initially moved to the side of the table as if she wanted them to greet the audience first. Ponce said, “The show is known for its spontaneous opening dialogue, so it is likely that they were not in alignment.” However, he also noted that “both approaches are sweet, him giving her attention and her wanting to pull him out into the limelight.”

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As the show progressed, Consuelos reached for Ripa’s hand and thanked her, the producers, and the audience. Ripa placed her hand on his, which Ponce shared “definitely shows appreciation, sincerity, and mutual trust.” Throughout the show, Ripa remained the driving force behind the content and humor, while Consuelos supported her as her co-host.

The couple’s body language throughout the show was indicative of a strong partnership, with both individuals showing commitment, nervousness, and appreciation for each other. Ponce’s expert analysis provides valuable insights into the dynamics between Ripa and Consuelos as they embark on this new chapter of their television careers. Fans of “Live with Kelly and Mark” can look forward to more great content from this dynamic duo.

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