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BTC Grace launch: Secure your spot and make over $3700 (N1,370,000.00) easily without being forced to refer anybody

BTC Grace launch: Secure your spot and make over $3700 (N1,370,000.00) easily without being forced to refer anybody

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Here is your golden opportunity to earn 1.26 Bitcoins (N1 370 000) profit within a short period of time. Many money making opportunities abound and most people give up the struggle especially if it requires either a huge investment capital or referral or multi-level marketing and selling of products.

Referring people to join your network or trying to convince people to buy your product is generally a tedious task. Most people get stuck or give up the business while others don’t even join such platform at all.
This is a multi-level referral platform (2×3) that doesn’t require you to refer anybody. Every new member joining BTC Grace uses one central registration channel and the algorithm is perfectly designed to automatically allocate spill-over referrals on a first come first served basis.

BTC Grace is designed as a short bitcoin donation matrix with just 3 stages, guaranteeing you 1.26 Bitcoins in profit.

Stage 1: You donate 0.03 BTC and earn 0.06 BTC from 2 downlines (0.01 BTC profit)
Stage 2: You donate 0.05 BTC and earn 0.20 BTC from 4 downlines (0.05 BTC profit)
Stage 3 (final stage): You donate 0.15 BTC and earn 1.20 BTC from 8 downlines automatically, without having to refer anybody!!! (Total of 1.26 profit for level 1,2 and 3)

Other similar platforms (example Zarfund, Bitcogate), promised hundreds of Bitcoins which was not feasible and realistic. BTC Grace, is perfectly designed as a short matrix with just three stages which allows you to earn profits of 1.26 Bitcoins easily without having to convince people to join because you don’t even have a referral link. Apart from having a short matrix, the difference between BTC Grace and other platforms is exceptional and vast. On BTC Grace, you are guaranteed downlines automatically as the algorithm is designed to assign referrals on a first come first serve basis. Just 14 members are needed to fill your matrix to receive your full donations and re-join again if you wish. By this setting, hundreds of members will earn 1.26 Bitcoins daily and cycle. This will be an endless flow of Bitcoin.

1. The entire system uses one universal registration link
2. Unlike certain other platforms where downlines were allocated randomly, the BTC Grace system strictly allocates referrals on a first come first served basis
3.     No referral hunting
4.     A member cycles after 14 new members join the platform.
5.     Short and easy matrix (3 stages only)
6.     No stagnation as the matrix is short and members cycle daily

BTC Grace is available in over 190 countries worldwide and registration is done by visitingwww.btcgrace.com and clicking the register button.

You must have a bitcoin wallet funded with atleast 0.0307 Bitcoin to start your journey to earning 1.26 Bitcoins.

For more information like the BTC Grace page on Facebook via this link
BTC Grace and join the global WhatsApp groups here:

If you are new to bitcoins and want to know how it works, join our WhatsApp groups (links above).
Or our Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAA5VfbyUPc8_qQDzVg

Go to www.btcgrace.com for more information

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