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Brooke Burns Shares Heartbreaking Personal Experiences on ‘Hollywood Medium’

Brooke Burns, the renowned American actress and game show host, recently shared her heartbreaking personal experiences on an episode of “Hollywood Medium” with Tyler Henry. Despite having a successful career in showbiz, Burns has faced some tragic incidents in her life that she opened up about during the episode.

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The “Baywatch” star, who has hosted various game shows, including “Dog Eat Dog,” “Hole in the Wall,” and “You Deserve It,” revealed that her grandmother had killed her grandfather in a murder-suicide. Henry had sensed some details about the tragedy and shared with Burns, “The exact symbol is kind of a reference to another reading that I gave where unfortunately a man contributed to his passing and his wife’s passing, and it’s kind of that type of a feeling.” However, Burns corrected him by saying, “Yeah, in reverse. Not his choice, her choice.”

The shocking revelation left many viewers stunned, as Burns had never spoken about this incident publicly before. The Hollywood Medium show is known for its psychic readings, where the medium connects with the deceased loved ones of the guests and provides insights into their lives and deaths.

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In addition to the tragedy in her family, Burns also faced a near-death experience when she hit her head on the bottom of her pool. In a 2015 interview with Brain & Life magazine, the game show host recounted the incident and shared how her friend’s quick thinking saved her life. She said, “My friend let me remain in the water and didn’t put any pressure on my spinal cord, and as a result, he saved both my life and my mobility.”

Burns had to undergo surgery to install metal plates and a titanium rod in her body to help with her recovery process. The incident left a significant impact on her life, and she shared in the interview how it made her appreciate the gift of life even more. She said, “It’s been a big lesson in gratitude and just cherishing every single moment that I have here.”

The episode with Brooke Burns on “Hollywood Medium” shed light on some of the difficult moments in her life that she had never spoken about publicly before. Burns’ openness and vulnerability in sharing her experiences have inspired many viewers and fans, who have praised her for her courage and resilience.

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Despite the tragedies, Burns has continued to pursue her career in the entertainment industry and has achieved remarkable success. She is a role model for many young aspiring actors and game show hosts and has proven that one can overcome even the most challenging moments in life with determination and strength.

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