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Bridal Jewellery is Incomplete without These Alluring Gold Mangalsutras

A mangalsutra is of utmost importance to a married woman in Hindu culture. Women who wear mangalsutras around their necks are said to be practising soubhagyalankar in Hinduism. In this context, Soubhagya refers to the woman’s marital status, while Alankar is adornment. The word “mangalsutra” in Hinduism is a combination of the words “mangal,” which means “auspicious,” and “sutra,” which means “thread” or “cord.”

Today, the initial cord and pendant of the mangalsutra have changed a lot. Now, more people prefer a gold mangalsutra, i.e., either the cord is made of gold, or the pendant is made of gold.

In this article, we will understand the significance of mangalsutras, take a look at their types and see some of the products among the vast collection of gold mangalsutras offered at Mia by Tanishq.

Significance of a Mangalsutra

In order to keep negative energy at bay and maintain good health, it is thought that the pendant should extend all the way to the woman’s Anahat Chakra, or heart chakra.

A mangalsutra’s two strings stand for the unity of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti as well as their core values. The ideas of Shiva and Shakti must be combined in order to live a good life. Shiva is the doer in this instance, and Shakti gives the power of his deeds. And in this way, karma turns into akarma and produces the intended Chaitanya-oriented outcome.

Black glass beads or Kala pota are used to make the mangalsutra chain. According to legend, black beads deter the evil eye. They are believed to deflect the bride’s and her family’s negative vibrations and bad energy and maintain the groom’s health and wealth.

Have a look at these alluring gold mangalsutra to complete your bridal look!

14kt Yellow Gold 14kt Gold Mangalsutra for Eternity


A mangalsutra with three hearts in the centre surrounded by diamond halos and a heart anchor hanging from it is a perfect representation of an unbreakable bond.

14kt Yellow Gold Forever Mangalsutra


On a sleek and long cable chain, yellow gold is fashioned into a beautiful infinity knot with synthetic black pearls set at either side. This fashionable mangalsutra can go well with western attire!

Types of Gold Mangalsutra

One of the five indicators of the marital status of women in Hindu culture is the mangalsutra. The remaining four items are a nose ring, Kumkum, bangles, and toe rings. Mangalsutra is the most significant of these five.

Owning a trendy and stylish gold mangalsutra can make a great deal of difference. Women can pair these gold mangalsutra with Indian as well as western wear since the world of fashion has evolved over the years. Mia by Tanishq has kept up with it by offering a variety of designs and styles when it comes to mangalsutra.

Short Mangalsutra

As the name suggests, a short mangalsutra is chic, easy to carry and lightweight gold mangalsutras or single diamond mangalsutras. Short mangalsutras are minimalist in style, covering just the neckline. These are only 14-16 inches long. These can be paired with your formals at the office or even at any party.

Long Mangalsutra

Long Mangalsutra is the traditional design that has been worn from the very beginning. The concept of a long mangalsutra is that the pendant of the mangalsutra should reach the heart chakra of the woman since it has many health benefits and keeps bad energy away from the woman. These are 20-26 inches long and go very well with sarees and Indian wear.

Bracelet Mangalsutra

The latest trend in mangalsutra is that of a Bracelet Mangalsutra. For today’s brides, a gold mangalsutra bracelet is a perfect choice. If the idea of an unconventional and modern gold mangalsutra bracelet sounds intriguing, head over to Mia by Tanishq to browse and try on their gold mangalsutra bracelet today!

Be a glamorous bride with trendy designs available only at Mia by Tanishq!

 Loyalty and compassion are strongly ingrained ideals in Indian society. In Hindu tradition, a holy marriage also adheres to these principles. A mangalsutra joins a couple in holy matrimony and pledges their eternal union. So, whether you want a traditional gold mangalsutra or a modern gold mangalsutra bracelet, Mia by Tanishq has you covered.

Shop from the diverse Mia by Tanishq collection for your wedding because a stunning bride isn’t complete without a sparkling gold mangalsutra.


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