Blake Griffin Compared to MLK, Lincoln and More … On Controversial T-Shirt

The L.A. Clippers apparently didn’t learn from Kendall and Kylie — using historical images on t-shirts is a dicey game to play … and one that often ends in an L.

The Clips just convinced Blake Griffin to re-sign with the team for 5 years and $173 million, and reportedly used this “Pioneers” t-shirt to help seal the deal.

The shirt features the faces of Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Einstein, Barack Obama and Muhammad Ali … with Griffin towering above them. Team employees reportedly wore the shirt during the final meeting with Blake.

Obviously, people are ripping into it … calling it tone-deaf, laughable and downright moronic.

Hey, at least there are no rap or rock icons on there.


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