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Best Mobile Optimization Tips for You

The world has rapidly switched to browsing the internet through a smartphone as the preferred method. You have no doubt heard of mobile optimization but were going to outline what it is, why it’s important and what you need to do to make your website mobile-friendly.

What is mobile optimization?

Optimization is the process of altering the contents of your site to ensure that visitors that access the site from mobile devices have an experience that is tailored to their device. You should not only consider the devices themselves but also the context a mobile user is visiting your site. They will probably be commuting to work, just browsing while they have a few free minutes. Equally, mobiles are increasingly becoming the go-to device for accessing the internet, so the user’s experience is important at all times.

Why your site needs a mobile makeover

Because of the cheap availability of mobile data and the large price disparity between phones compared to desktop computers, most people are accessing the internet via their smartphones. If you don’t assess your build and ensure it’s well-disposed for mobile traffic, you won’t get repeat visitors and it’s something your competitors are almost certainly focused on.

Mobile Optimization

We’ve already seen mobile optimization play a key role in the prosperity of the online casino industry, with those able to adapt becoming extremely successful and others dead in the water. In the online casino industry, customer retention is incredibly important, and they had to make often complex games work reliably on any device, appeal to a wide demographic of players through the design of their foyers, and with real money on the line, ensure action buttons aren’t awkward to tap. These are some of the best practices they employed and that you should consider for your site.

Top Tips for Mobile Optimization

Easy Scroll

People shouldn’t be asked to zoom and pinch, so make the text size bigger by only including the essential information on the page and storing everything else within scrolling menu bars. Fingers come in a few different sizes, so ensure action buttons are of proper size and that you have enough space in between them for easy navigation.

Consistently Navigable

Smartphone screens are much smaller than desktop and laptop screens, so you must prioritize maintaining a clean and concise landing page. You what to guide your potential customer to your core content with a clear and alluring pathway to buy, download, tap, etc. Keep in mind people change their minds or need to check things, so make it simple to backtrack as well.

Short and Sweet

Preserve short text and just get to the point. If it’s also catchy, bonus points, but just make sure there isn’t too much of it. Short and dynamic description lines on clean backgrounds with favorable imagery guiding users to action buttons are what we’re aiming for. If you use satisfied customer testimonials, and statistics suggest you should use testimonials in marketing your site, also keep these short and sweet.

A Thousand Words

As mentioned, there is little space to work with on a mobile screen and this makes image choice essential. People don’t particularly like reading on a smartphone, so select the correct image and you’ve made a customer. Either choose an image that demands attention, but fits seamlessly, or use a picture that doesn’t disrupt, but makes it clear what you do. Try to ensure the background doesn’t visually compete with the text. Some colors are simply difficult to look at on a mobile, so take your time looking at your page with a few different devices and ensure colors don’t clash. Also, consider the size of the images and make sure this doesn’t hamper your loading time.

Do make sure you also read our website optimization tips and consider the above tips when next viewing your page. The online space is now dominated by mobile devices and for your site to be effective, you need to make sure that your c

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