Attention Seeker Fulani man defends cow grazing, says they are more historic than some tribes

The young man makes reference to the N200 note that has cows and agricultural produce printed on it.

A young Fulani man has done his bit to defend cow grazing in the country, by stating that cows are more historic than some tribes in Nigeria.

In the post he shared on Facebook, the young man makes reference to the N200 note that has cows and agricultural produce printed on it as part of our rich heritage as a country.

See his post below:

As rightly pointed out by a commenter, in as much as we know and appreciate the role cows have played in the country’s economy, it is not enough to allow the madness that has been ushered in by the so-called Fulani herdsmen.

Cows are not the only image portrayed on the N200 note and the destruction of farmlands, that in the end produce food stuff, is a complete contradiction of what the imagery on the note stands for.

Pulse earlier reported that officers of the Sector 1 Sub-Sector A Troop deployed at Yelwata, arrested 10 suspected herdsmen while on routine patrol.

The men were reportedly arrested while destroying farmlands in Benue state.

To what end you ask?

Fulani herdsmen are no longer the docile, meek and mild stick wielding shepherds who went about tending their cattle without looking for anyone’s trouble or fomenting any themselves.

Fulani Herdsmen

Nowadays, any mention of a Fulani herdsman is about illicit fear, terror, and fright. They are now licensed killers who go about wrecking havoc, destruction, and devastation everywhere they go.

SARS officer, 8 others die in herders/farmers clash in Oyo play Gun-wielding herdsmen

(Guardian Nigeria )

Long gone are the sticks and machetes they used in chasing away dangerous animals coming for their cattle. They are now replaced with AK-47 guns, assault rifles, rocket launchers and grenades which they use to sack whole communities, kill and rape women with reckless abandon.

No one can say exactly when the easy going Fulani herdsman became a killer and bloodthirsty war monger but the transition has taken many by surprise.

3 killed in deadly attack by Fulani herdsmen play Aftermath of Fulani herdsmen attack in Adamawa state

(Channels TV)

From Plateau State to Adamawa, from Benue to Kogi, Kaduna to Bauchi, Delta to Edo, Enugu to Anambra, we wake up every day to hear how Fulani herdsmen wrecked one havoc or the other, killing indigenes with reckless abandon, as if they have a license to kill and maim members of their host communities.

The menace of the Fulani herdsmen has gone for too long without a check from security forces and the government seems not able or willing to check it and nip it in the bud.

In the last two years, they have become more daring with the attacks becoming more fierce and well-coordinated that it seems they have some backing from the security agencies.

It is now a common sight to hear how they stormed a community, attack the people, kill at random, burn down houses and sack the indigenes with none of them being apprehended despite the fact that they keep occurring at an alarming frequency.

Dead bodies from a reprisal attack carried out by Fulani herdsmen. play Dead bodies from a reprisal attack carried out by Fulani herdsmen.


Though security agencies and the government have come out to say most of the atrocities carried out are not necessarily done by the herdsmen as most of the attackers are foreigners who sneak into the country, the bottom line still lies in the fact that nothing is being done to put them in check.

And therein, lies the bane of our problems.


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