Ariel Winter


You guys, it’s really not Ariel Winter‘s fault that her booty sometimes sneaks out of her shorts.

The Modern Family star is no stranger to rocking some revealing ensembles, and while haters may say she tries to show off all her curves, she promises those teeny tiny shorts are simply the victim of her pert derriere.

In fact, Winter took to Twitter with the perfect clapback for anyone criticizing her cheeky attire.

“I literally do not try and show my ass when I wear shorts,” she wrote. “My ass just eats them up and then I don’t notice…awkward af.”

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 LOL! Girl, we get it, we get it.

Dealing with body shamers and haters is, unfortunately, nothing new for Winter.

Last year, the actress sat down with E! News and explained, “I was bullied for being super flat and super skinny when I was 11 years old and then I turned 12 and I suddenly was curvy and had this bigger body that I wasn’t prepared to deal with yet. But I was super excited because when I was younger, I’d always wanted boobs, and I wanted a butt.”

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Ariel Winter


However, her excitement was quickly clouded by public response.

“Unfortunately, photos came out of me on the internet after my body had kind of blossomed and people were really hating on me for it,” she recalled. “I got a lot of comments like ‘You’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re a slut’…it was a lot coming from people I didn’t know at such a young age.”

She continued, “It was really difficult to grow up in the spotlight, but to grow up with that in the spotlight was quite possibly the worst thing for someone’s self esteem and confidence.”

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So how did she gain that self assurance back?

“It turned out I never would fit that standard, so I kind of gave up on that and started focusing on the relationship I have with myself,” she revealed. “Now, I go to post a photo, and I don’t care what people write on my picture…if you don’t like my photo, you can go unfollow me.”

You go, girl.


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