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A Complete Guide to Getting Vehicle Fitness Certificate in India

The concept of “fitness” is crucial to existence, whether it be your physical health or the possessions you hold. If you own a home, you must maintain it so that it lasts longer. To put it another way, you must keep your home in top condition. The automobile is another important asset, especially in the modern world where it is a need. Additionally, all guidelines and directives must be followed. Point to remember, for brand-new private automobiles, the roadworthiness certificate, also known as the vehicle fitness certificate, is valid for 15 years; after that, it must be reregistered or renewed every five years. The vehicle fitness certificate is good for two years for commercial vehicles.

The necessity for a vehicle fitness certificate

The following is a summary of the primary goals of the vehicle fitness certificate:

  • To inspect and keep an eye on the pollution that your cars’ smoke emissions are causing. This is crucial in light of the ongoing problem of rising pollution brought on by car smoke emissions.
  • To keep your car running smoothly and in the proper condition.
  • And last but not least, to prevent accidents on the road that might happen because your car is in poor shape.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

Regardless of whether you drive a four-wheeler, a two-wheeler or a private vehicle, a commercial motor vehicle (such as a light motor vehicle or LMV used for transporting passengers carrying heavy or medium goods), or any other type of vehicle, all vehicles require a vehicle fitness certificate. For other commercial motor vehicles, annual renewal is required and needed. This category will include all motor vehicles used for public transportation, such as buses used for both public transit and private school transportation, as well as taxis and auto-rickshaws. Fines and vehicle confiscation may be imposed for any violation resulting from the

lack of a valid vehicle fitness certificate. Every car must have a vehicle fitness certificate; it is not an option.

Why does the RTO certify that automobiles are in good condition?

Every business vehicle must get a fitness certificate from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to operate on Indian roadways. To ensure that no harmful by-products are released into the air to pollute the environment or cause road accidents due to mechanical failure, RTO conducts an inspection to extensively inspect mechanical problems, emission and technical faults, and the overall working conditions of the vehicle. The RTO issues fitness certificates to automobiles with an eye toward environmental preservation and on-road safety.


How to apply for a Vehicle Fitness Certificate

The procedure for applying for a vehicle fitness certificate is outlined below in detail.

  • You must visit Vahan Citizen Services’ official website and input the registration number.
  • From the ‘Online Services’ tab’s drop-down menu, choose the ‘Fitness Certificate’ option.
  • When a new screen displays, you must input your vehicle’s Chassis Number and the registered mobile number to obtain an OTP.
  • After providing the OTP that was sent to your phone, you would need to fill out all the required fields for the vehicle that appeared on the screen along with the fee details.
  • After confirming the fee, you would need to move forward with making the payment as instructed on the screen.
  • After making the payment successfully, a receipt for the fee along with the application letter would be generated, and you would then need to go to the appropriate RTO.
  • You must pick the “Application for Fitness Certificate” option under the Online Services key.


Along with the registration certificate, all commercial motor vehicles must have a current vehicle fitness certificate. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1989 stipulates that a vehicle’s registration is only regarded as legitimate if it possesses a valid vehicle fitness certificate.


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