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More Time to Relax
One of the things people don’t often tell you about an evening wedding is how exhausted you are at the end of the day. Even when you have an evening wedding, you’re up early dragging out the process of getting ready, the pictures, and more. There’s many parts to the day where you’re sitting and waiting but you’re still going through the motions of being a bride all day so by the time you run through your sparkler exit and get to the hotel, you’re exhausted. If you have a morning wedding, yes you get up earlier, but you leave your reception around 2 p.m. so you have more time to relax with your new spouse when you leave, and ultimately that’s the most important. Or, keep the party going with your nearest and dearest with some downtime at your hotel pool or other relaxing activity.

Bridal Attire Flexibility
Morning weddings are perfect for authentically customizing your look on your wedding day. Evening weddings can often dictate the material and silhouette of your wedding dress and overall bridal look. Morning weddings allow you to be as casual, dressy, or unique as you like. You could wear a dress in a beautiful pastel color or even a light watercolor floral print… or play with silhouettes and try a knee length dress, or midi wrap dress. The possibilities for your bridal look are endless and the morning wedding will compliment it beautifully.

Morning weddings overall are more cost effective, flexible, and (when you get down to the details), so fun! Look at the sample morning wedding timeline below and consider how beautiful and stress-free your brunch wedding will be.


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