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18 Of The Best Men’s Khaki Pants To Complete Your Wardrobe (Updated 2022)

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between mne’s khaki pants and chinos, rest assured that you’re not alone – while both styles offer a nice break from the classic denim format, khakis are made of sturdier materials and tend to be looser around the legs, while the lighter, fancier-looking chinos are what you’d expect to see on the coolest guy at the office party.

Both styles are used rather interchangeably – a good thing to keep in mind while pursuing this list.

Whether you’re going for a classic military-style aesthetic or are looking to keep things more contemporary with a well-fitting pair of chinos, a few pairs of khaki pants might be just what you need to round out an amazing wardrobe collection.

We like to think of ourselves as a bit of an authority on men’s pants (among other things), so we’ve laid out some of the finest khakis that are currently making waves in the fashion world.

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Our Top 10 Picks

It’s common for men’s khaki pants to get wrinkled after a long day out or a few rounds in the washing machine, but these Everlane chinos beat the odds- the slim-fit version is the perfect pick for a long day in the office, while the athletic fit can really bring out your figure if you’ve been hitting the treadmill.

The four-way stretch fabric guarantees a level of comfort that’s hard to come by, and the subtle taper gives these khakis just the right amount of detail. Best of all, since these things are available in black, off-white, and everything in between, you should have no trouble styling them with any old plain tee and a thin button shirt.

Material: 94% Cotton, 6% Elastane | Sizes: 28-34 | Fit: Slim Fit, Athletic | Style: Slim Fit Khaki

Men’s khaki pants are often made of sustainable materials, as is the case with many of Dockers’ legwear products. Slim-fitting yet extremely stretchy, these pants can help you strut your stuff in the club on the weekend and still be good for a long week at work, especially if you buy them in blue or gray.

Although they might not look that way, the pockets offer a surprising amount of space for storing wallets and larger phones, all without being particularly pronounced. Topping things off is the flexible waistband, which makes belts completely redundant if you buy the perfect size.

Material: 77% Polyester, 20% Fiber-Dyed Viscose, 3% Elastane | Sizes: 28-44 | Fit: Slim Fit | Style: Slim Fit Khaki

The best men’s khaki pants are those you can throw on no matter the occasion, a factor completely in J.Crew’s wheelhouse. These khakis wrap neatly around your legs, tucking away any excess weight while still looking like an ordinary pair of pants from the outside. All the while, you can barely even see the angled pockets in the front, giving these pants a nice, restrained feel.

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Since the design on these pants is extremely straightforward, they can really make your more “plain-looking” clothes come alive. Depending on the color you wind up picking, you can combine these khakis with just about any single-color shirt or sweater and a black and white pair of sneakers.

Material: 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane | Sizes: 28-40 | Fit: Slim Fit | Style: Slim Fit Khaki

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 1

For a taste of what men’s khaki pants used to look and feel like a century ago, you can turn to Todd Snyder’s fantastic Japanese cotton chinos. These workwear pants are pleated by design, making them perfect for a casual outdoor venue, especially when paired with a dark-colored shirt or hoodie.

Owing to the slightly higher-than-standard fit, you can rely on these pants to add an inch or two to your legs, making them an especially good choice for taller men. Most importantly, besides just being easy on the eyes, this is a pair of khakis that leaves your legs feeling nice and breezy with 100% cotton.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 30-34 | Fit: Relaxed | Style: Khaki/Chinos

The best men’s khaki pants usually strip things back to basics, and that’s definitely the case for these Clifton beauties. Boasting a simple yet elegant design, these pants come in a variety of colors, although a highlight (in our books) is the gray olive, which goes perfectly with white tops and shoes.

These chinos are more of a casual pick, especially if you choose to strap on the carabiner to let a few keys dangle. Still, if something comes up and you need to look a bit more formal, the fit coupled with a nice jacket means these can double as a nicer casual look in a pinch.

Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane | Sizes: 28-38 | Fit: Slim Fit | Style: Khaki/Chinos

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 1

One of the benefits of men’s khaki pants is that, if you get the fit just right, you’ll practically feel like you’re wearing sweatpants. The Kurt Trouser from Wax London, are the perfect example of pants that look and feel better the more you wear them – the cotton feels more like an extension of your body than a piece of fabric covering your legs.

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Although the features are subtle (you can barely even see the front zipper), they’re definitely better suited as casual streetwear. Still, that opens up a lot of possibilities, their informal design makes it easier to combine them with an offbeat pair of shoes you can’t seem to match with anything else.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 28-38 | Fit: Relaxed | Style: Classic Khakis

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 2

If you want a pair of legwear that can be combined with practically everything, these men’s khaki pants strike the perfect balance between chinos and rigid-build khakis. Incredibly stylish yet not overly casual, these are the kind of pants you can wear with hoodies, winter jackets, and plain sweaters alike.

You can expect a lot of durability with this product, and with the dark navy option, you don’t even need a belt to make them pop. It also helps that, if you have an impressive pair of legs, the heavy Italian-made military-grade organic twill can do wonders for accentuating your figure. If sizing is a bit tricky for you, Asket even offers some incredible waist and length customization options.

Material: 100% Twill Cotton | Sizes: 28-36  | Fit: Straight Cut | Style: Heavy Khaki/Chinos

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 3

It can be hard to break out of the comfort zone of regular jeans, and these men’s khaki pants are the perfect pivot into the world of chinos. Owing to the loose fit and the visible seams, you can more or less style these Edwins like you would other types of denim, only the twill cotton makes these much more comfortable.

If you have some shirts or hoodies in your wardrobe that just don’t seem to go with anything else, you can kick things up a notch with the uniform green option to bring out the pizzazz in your yellows and browns. Otherwise, you can go the ebony route for a pair of pants that are appropriate no matter the context.

Material: 100% Twill Cotton | Sizes: 28-38  | Fit: Loose Fit | Style: Chinos

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 3

If you go through more binge eating periods than you’d care to admit, you may want to consider men’s khaki pants that adapt to your weight changes. Unrecorded chinos are made of nothing but stretchy cotton, meaning you can continue wearing them long after you’ve outgrown most of your other clothes.

Pants like these go incredibly well with white shirts, you could easily wear them recreationally and at work. If you feel like being a little unorthodox, you can buy a black pair and combine it with khaki-colored tops and shoes for a delicious yet restrained combination. Also, if you’re in-between sizes, the safest bet with these would be to go a size up.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 28-36 | Fit: Regular/Tapered | Style: Khaki/Chinos

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 4

The last thing you want from men’s khaki pants is a trouser leg full of sweat, and Duer’s pants get around that with one of the most comfortable picks for casual wear on the market. The ultimate compliment to white and gray tops, these pants are made of eco-sustainable Tencel, and the elusive yet much-welcome gusset gives you that extra bit of mobility.

Although they’re loose-fitting, you don’t have to worry about these khakis swelling up your lower body – if anything, the minor taper can help bring out your legs the way very few other sweatpant-adjacent products can. To really make the most of the color, be sure to wear a pair of dark-brown shoes.

Material: 62% Cotton, 34% Tencel Lyocell, 3% Lycra Polyester, 1% LycraSpandex | Sizes: 28-40 | Fit: Relaxed | Style: Classic khakis

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 4

Best Of The Rest

Revtown loyalists looking to keep things familiar and comfortable will definitely get a kick out of these men’s khaki pants – with nearly a dozen colors to pick from (including a conservative, jeans-esque dark indigo), you can stock up on several pairs to mix and match all your favorite T-shirts and sweaters.

If you don’t feel like pushing your luck with slim-fitting clothes, the straight-cut leg is great for avoiding an unflattering fit. Neither corporate nor informal, the primary goal of these pants is to give your legs a day of unrestricted movement and plenty of breathing room. Also, for those who struggle to get their size just right, Revtown’s digital tailor can help pick out the best possible pair.

Material: 92% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 2% Elastane | Sizes: 30-40 | Fit: Relaxed | Style: Denim khakis

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 5

These Levi men’s khaki pants demonstrate that tight denim jeans aren’t the only stylish option if you want to cheat a few inches off your hips. Offering maximum comfort while still concealing any little imperfections, these chinos will leave you with plenty of mobility in your lower body.

The best thing about these pants is the harvest gold color, an all-time classic that looks spectacular with a white top and shoes. No one could argue that this particular shade of brown is in any way tacky, so you can even wear a pair at work under most circumstances. The Tencel build doesn’t hurt either – you get to help out the environment while never having to worry about sweat.

Material: 68% Cotton, 31% Lyocell, 1% Elastane | Sizes: 26-44 | Fit: Slim Fit | Style: Khaki/Chinos

Buck Mason has put out some of the best men’s khaki pants you can find on the market, and true to their name, the Maverick Slim Officer Pants exude more class and style than most of their competitors. Each of the three colors is as stylish as the last, and you’d easily be forgiven if you mistook these for denim jeans.

Forgoing the classic zipper in favor of a more subtle button fly, the Mavericks allow you to tuck your shirt in without looking standoffish in the slightest. Despite the sturdy build, you can expect the fabric to be soft to the touch and extremely light on your lower body.

Material: 100% Twill Cotton | Sizes: 28-38 | Fit: Slim Fit | Style: Classic Khakis

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 6

It’s hard to go wrong with a Ralph Lauren shopping spree, so it should come as no surprise that they offer some of the finest men’s khaki pants out there. If you can afford it, buy yourself the slim fit for formal working environments and the regular for a fun time out in town.

The pants come in every color you could think of, meaning they can mesh with whatever experimental shoes and top you’ve got stashed away in your closet.

Finally, there are the little touches that make these chinos shine – with details like a tiny coin pocket and that classic khaki pleat, this is one of the fancier picks you can find for the price.

Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane | Sizes: 28-38 | Fit: Regular, Slim | Style: Khaki/Chinos

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 7

There’s something infinitely appealing about a nomad with a giant bag on his back and an interesting set of clothes, and if you’re looking to get comfortable during your travels, these men’s khaki pants are just the thing for you.

Although these are technically slim-fit pants, you’ll have plenty of room at the calves, making the Slim Traveler Pant ideal for long urban or nature hikes. In addition, the mostly cotton construction makes the pants extremely light, perfect for the peak of summer. The tiki hut brown is by far the most alluring of the available colors, especially if you can pair it with a similarly colored jacket.

Material: 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane | Sizes: 28-44 | Fit: Slim fit | Style: Khaki

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 8

If you don’t want to think too long and hard about whether it’s a good idea to put them on, these men’s khaki pants are one of the best choices you could make. Simple yet eye-catching, these chinos come in six incredible colors, including the elusive olive, leaving you plenty of room to get creative.

Although they have a bit of a stretch to them, you won’t have to worry about Uniqlo’s chinos getting too worn out, and the straight-line build will keep your body looking nice and proportional. These pants also feel extremely comfortable for their price range, so they can act as a good trial run if you don’t have a lot of experience with men’s khaki pants.

Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex | Sizes: 28-38 | Fit: Loose | Style: Khaki/Chinos

In the fashion world, being eco-friendly is arguably just as important as looking good, and these are among the best men’s khaki pants for men in both regards. Plastic bottle-derived polyester has never looked cooler than on this modern Linksoul classic, whether you’re wearing the classic khaki color at work or a bark brown out in the bar.

Comfort is another big selling point here – the saltwater wash really adds a nice touch to the already-cozy stretchy pants fabric. It’s also worth noting that these things dry very quickly, so you never have to worry about leaving them out to hang overnight.

Material: 35% Recycled Poly, 32% Poly, 25% Cotton, 8% Spandex | Sizes: 30-40 | Fit: Relaxed | Style: Classic khakis

18 of the best mens khaki pants to complete your wardrobe updated 2022 10

Few things are as annoying as getting caught in the rain in the wrong clothes, but a pair of men’s khaki pants from H&M takes care of that problem. The nylon construction offers a good amount of protection from light to moderate rainfall, and you don’t have to worry about the contents of your pockets getting wet either.

Beyond that, though, this is genuinely an amazing-looking pair of pants. From a distance, they look like something you might wear while jogging (at least the navy blue ones), and the stretchy waistline means you could probably pull off a slightly smaller size than you’d normally wear. Just be sure not to dry-clean these, opt for a machine wash with a neutral detergent – and whatever you do, don’t use a softener.

Material: 88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex (Pocket lining: 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton) | Sizes: 26-50 | Fit: Regular | Style: Khaki/Chinos

What to look for in Men’s khaki pants

Because men’s khaki pants all look fairly similar at first glance, it’s easy to dismiss them as a “buy now, ask questions never” kind of product. Still, there are a few things you’ll want to weigh up if you want to make an informed decision on what to buy.


The best men’s khaki pants are usually ones with a mid-rise fit, especially if you decide on a looser-fitting, non-chino pair. You’ll want your pants to feel every bit as comfortable as they look, so when it comes to the size, be sure to go with whatever gives your legs a little more breathing room without being outright baggy.

Men's khaki pants and a green shirt on a model
@edwineurope / Instagram


When it comes to deciding between linen and cotton for your men’s khaki pants, it’s important to note that both materials have their appeal from an aesthetic standpoint. Your material of choice should largely depend on the time of year – linen helps your legs breathe, making it more suitable for summertime in more arid regions, while cotton is a safer pick if you’re trying to look good and keep warm in the process.


Understanding the different kinds of men’s khaki pants is admittedly difficult, but the two main types to keep in mind are chinos and classic khakis. Chinos tend to have concealed pockets and slimmer fits, making them more presentable in an office setting, whereas regular khakis are more durable and tend to be on the baggier side.


    • Khakis are a type of legwear that’s usually made of cotton, linen, or a hybrid of synthetic fibers,  – this design often makes them a more suitable fit for formal events than their denim counterparts. Contrary to what the name may suggest, khakis come in a variety of colors that can bring to life the single-colored tops in the wearer’s wardrobe.

      • The beautiful thing about men’s khaki pants is that they can look as formal or as casual as you need them to be, depending on what you choose to wear with them. Even if you don’t go with the classic khaki color, you can almost always get away with a plain sweater or T-shirt – the latter looks especially chic if you combine it with a leather jacket and a dark brown belt.

        Since chinos are about as unpretentious as clothes can get, it’s important to get the shoes right too. Simple works best here too, and you’ll definitely want to avoid footwear with overly complicated designs and jarring colors.

        • Since men’s khaki pants come in many colors other than the titular khaki, the best color palette for you depends on your chinos of choice. If you opt for the classic light brown, you’ll probably want a white, green, or blue top, but if you go black or gray, feel free to style your pants the same way you’d style a pair of denims.

          Either way, the secret is generally to go monochrome up top and keep things straightforward below the ankles too. The safest colors when it comes to khakis and footwear tend to be black, white, and darker shades of brown.

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