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12 Best Overalls for Men – Functional Fashion Styles in 2022 #Men

Trying to stay ahead of the fashion game can be exhausting for guys who just want to look their best without going overboard, and if there’s one trend that scratches that itch, it’s definitely men’s overalls.

The older generation were likely scratching their heads when dungarees made their way into the mainstream in the nineties, and history looks to be repeating itself – plenty of young, good-looking men are figuring out more and more innovative ways of using age-old workwear to fuel an exciting new wave of alternative fashion.

Men's Overalls
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Overalls have become quite the sleeper hit in recent years, so if you’re interested in getting in on the action, we’ve picked out some of the best available options today.

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Our Top Picks

The Best Men’s Overalls 

A key player in alternative male fashion, Carhartt is responsible for some of the sleekest men’s overalls on the market today. These duck bib overalls put a modern spin on things with their eye-popping color choices and abundance of convenient pockets, making them equally suited for physical work and a casual day spent outdoors.

Despite being incredibly stylish, these things are as durable as they come – the cotton duck build means you don’t have to worry about rips and tears, and there’s room for knee pads if you need to get your hands (and legs)  dirty. On top of all that, the suspenders offer a lot of stretches to match just about any body type out there.

Carhartt’s Relaxed Fit Duck Bib Overall

While lots of great men’s overalls like to do something a little different to spice things up, you can always go the old-time miner’s route and wear a pair that looks straight out of the 1900s. These baggy overalls are a great choice if you want to keep people guessing when it comes to your body frame, especially if you pair them with a nice-fitting sweater.

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The contrasting white stitch also provides a great edge to this pair – dress up these ‘dress-down’ overalls with a fun button-up and some leather hightops.

While these probably aren’t the safest pick for an office cocktail party, anything else is fair game. Whatever the occasion, you can rest assured that your hips and ankles won’t be feeling constricted, and the durable cotton build ensures you won’t be tearing a hole in your bibs any time soon.

Round House’s Classic Overalls

Unpleasant weather is the bane of every outdoor worker, but Helly Hansen’s overalls for men take care of that problem and make you look great to boot. Stretchy yet durable, these are the bibs you want to wear if you think there might be a storm on the horizon..or if the party is outside.

A big selling point here is all the storage space – the monochrome design does a great job at hiding all the flaps and pockets that might otherwise take some style points off a pair of overalls. Also, while bibs often tend to hide your figure, the fit on these things is perfect if you’re looking to flaunt a gym body while still looking put-together.

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Helly Hansen’s Oxford Work Bibs

If you’re only going to own one pair of men’s overalls, you might as well go for something that can be worn anytime, anywhere. Big Smith’s rigid overalls offer the kind of construction you’d want from a piece of workwear, and the basic yet elegant design is bound to score you some coolness points in informal circles – pair this with one of the classic sneaker brands and hoodie for a cozy and functional fit.

Made of nothing but cotton, this is an amazing bib if your job involves a lot of moving around and using your legs. Also, to spare you the hassle of having to carry a jacket just to store your things, you’ll have half a dozen pockets to work with scattered all over these dungarees.

Big Smith’s Rigid Bib Overalls

Men’s overalls don’t need to do anything flashy to help you stand out, and nobody understands that better than H&M. These retro-style bibs are the epitome of denim fashion, boasting a simple yet comfortable cotton build that’ll leave you feeling comfortable for hours on end.

One thing that makes overalls great is that they can make the wearer look younger, and these beauties accomplish that with their simple design and cutesy metal fasteners. There’s still some nuance to the construction, though – featuring a single two-compartment leg, these overalls offer just enough to break up the monotony of plain denim.

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The cherry on top is, that you can get them in three fabulous colors. Create the ultimate workwear look with a classic french chore coat and a soft rolled beanie.

H&M’S Denim Overalls

With 100 years of experience in producing quality overalls for men, Dickies is the brand to turn to if you’re looking for a cool blend of retro and fresh. The sturdy denim construction makes it hard to damage these things even if you tried, and the simple design means you can combine them with just about anything for a casual day out.

Whether you’re trying to hide some holiday weight or simply want to let your body breathe, the relaxed fit is definitely a huge selling point. This is also a great option if you’re doing handiwork around the house – between the nine utility pockets, these overalls effectively double as an incredibly stylish carrier bag.

Dickies’ Heritage Bib Overalls

There’s always some temptation to go the extravagant route with men’s overalls, and it’s impossible not to at least glance at someone wearing something crazy walking down the street. These off-white and intentionally baggy men’s overalls are the most casual bib you could possibly wear.

The Overalls are every bit as comfortable as they look, almost feeling like a onesie thanks to the 100% cotton build and relaxed fit. The front pocket is nicely concealed to keep the design as simple as possible, and a closer look at the straps reveals a set of beautiful dull silver buttons. To look your best in these, consider getting a slightly shorter size than you normally would and pair with high-top converse or a pair of crocs.

UO Men's Overalls

The best men’s overalls are equal part utilitarian and fashionable, and Heartland really hammers that point home with a beautiful product that’s great for any occasion. If you plan on wearing these to work, you can go for an unassuming black pair, but if you’re looking for something more casual, you can’t go wrong with olive or brown duck.

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Rain or shine, the storm flap (literally) has your back, and the cotton build and triple-stitched seams combine to create a near-indestructible piece of workwear. Not to mention, all those front and back pockets of varying depths are always a great addition.

Heartland’s Washed Duck Bib Overalls

True to their name, these men’s overalls are the perfect pick if the sun just doesn’t shine in your neck of the woods. Baggy, comfortable, and made of pure nylon, this Carhartt staple is ideal for windy days, and you can almost zip them down all the way to your soles to protect your shoes if you’re caught off guard by rain.

One thing that makes these overalls stand out is that, besides just the legs, they even give your torso a lot of room to breathe and stretch out. While you may want to think twice before wearing them at a formal event, there’s no better pick for braving the great outdoors with a group of buddies.

Men's Overalls

There’s something about confident men that aren’t afraid to try something a little different on a night out – if that sounds like you, these men’s overalls have your name written all over them. Whether you go for the black or coriander brown option, you’re bound to attract some attention if you combine them with the right color of sweatshirt underneath.

Still, even if you’re just looking to wear something to work, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option. Made of abrasion-resistant materials and packing plenty of room for kneepads and other add-ons, these overalls offer the kind of protection that most competitors can only dream of.

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Patagonia’s Iron Forge Hemp Overalls

Many of the best men’s overalls don’t stray too far from the classic jeans formula, making them the perfect gateway into the world of dungarees. ASOS’s Skinny Overalls offer a skinny fit along with relatively short buckles, and if you couple them with a white T-shirt, you get a combo that looks great by anyone’s standards.

These bad boys are incredibly neutral-looking by dungaree standards, meaning there’s practically no wrong time or place to show them off. On top of that, despite the relatively simple design, the little chest pocket gives them that extra spoonful of aesthetic charm you’d expect from a pair of overalls. To dress this up partner with a graphic long sleeve shirt and a pearl necklace.

ASOS’ Skinny Overalls

If you work outside and want to stay warm without stacking endless layers of clothes, Duluth Trading has you covered with one of the finest pairs of men’s overalls out there. Rocking a comfortable polyester build, these are the overalls to buy if you want resistance to the elements paired with incredible comfort.

Despite the quality build, you won’t be getting your movement restricted either – if your job involves a lot of legwork and heavy lifting, chances are you’ll forget you even have these things on. Best of all, you can slip in and out of them in seconds flat thanks to the convenient side leg zippers.

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Duluth Trading's Prudhoe Bay Bib Overalls

What to look for in men’s overalls

Wearing men’s overalls is admittedly a bold fashion statement, and there are definitely right and wrong ways of doing it. It can be hard to narrow down the dos and don’ts of wearing dungarees compared to other articles of clothing, but here are some of the main things to keep in mind.


Before you can even begin to worry about other factors, the first thing to clear up before locking in on a pair of men’s overalls is where you intend on wearing them. A pair of bibs that’s functional and durable might not always translate to a good piece of streetwear, and plenty of casual options just look out of place in a workplace environment.

If you’re looking to spend an afternoon in the park or even the club with overalls on (and more power to you if you do), your main priority should be finding a color that matches your other clothes. On the other hand, you may want to focus on durability and the number of pockets if you need a pair for work.

Men's Overalls
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The kind of fabric you should look for when picking out men’s overalls depends on what you’re hoping to get out of wearing them. Pure cotton builds tend to offer the perfect mix of mobility and sturdiness for casual outings, although you may want to look for rougher materials if you need something to get through a working day.


When it comes to buying men’s overalls, you can’t just go off of your jean size – besides just your legs, bibs cover much of your chest and abdomen, so you’ll definitely want to make sure that every penny fits the slot before you decide on a purchase.

This ties into another important factor – body shape. Overalls tend to make you look bulkier, and while this is a big part of their appeal for many people, you can definitely opt for a tighter fit if you want to show off a more athletic build.


    • Buying men’s overalls isn’t always intuitive, and if you’re finding that online retailers of brands such as Dickies and Carhartt don’t quite have what you’re looking for, you could definitely benefit from going to an actual store and trying out a few pairs. If all else fails, you can always go the tried and true route and spend a couple of hours on Amazon for some stylish picks.

      • Because overalls for men are already quirky enough as is, there’s no need to go all-out with “hypebeast” clothes to supplement them. Even if you’re on a budget, any off-brand set of clothes can work with a pair of bibs if the colors and materials all come together to form a cohesive package. 

        • The sky’s the limit when it comes to styling men’s overalls. As far as footwear goes, you can get away with wearing just about anything with dungarees, from sandals to regular sneakers. As for tops, you’ll generally want to go with a single-colored T-shirt or sweater, complemented by bits of jewelry for an irresistible blend of new-age and retro.


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