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20 Best Gold Bracelets For Men To Spice Up Any Outfit in 2022

The key to instantly elevating a boring outfit is to add some jewelry like a simple silver chain necklace or gold bracelets for men. Whether you are new to men’s jewelry or you have a rocking collection already, bracelets for men are more versatile than you think and are relatively easy to style.

Ann Verhelst, a Belgian designer known for her fashion label Ann Demeulemeester once commented that “jewelry is something that has to do with emotion”. We couldn’t agree more. Collecting each piece of jewelry for most people has a lot of memory and sentimental value attached to it. Adding a simple jewelry piece like gold bracelets for guys to any outfit will also instantly give you that confidence boost that you didn’t even know you needed.

With that being said, shopping for a gold bracelet can be intimidating, especially if you are new to this side of styling. All the professional jewelry-related terms and unfamiliar brands can leave you clueless. We’ve done the research for you and picked out the best gold bracelets you can buy right now – ranging in all price points, occasions, aesthetics, and designers.

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Our Top Picks: Gold Bracelets for Men 

This may come as no surprise to you, but we had to get Tiffany & Co. off our chest first when putting this list together. As an American luxury jewelry giant, this brand holds a special place in most (if not all) women’s hearts and men’s as well. Their selection of men’s bracelets especially is well curated with pieces that seamlessly merge utility with an edge.

Their iconic Tiffany T collection is robustly filled with timeless pieces that are gorgeously unisex – but for men, we particularly love the T1 Wide Hinged Bangle in 18k gold. As a reinvention of the most popular Tiffany T square bracelet, this hinged bangle has been updated with a continuous, unbroken circle and a strong, beveled “T” motif, which is the signature of the brand.

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Tiffany & Co. T1 Wide Hinged Bangle

When speaking of gold bracelets for men, we cannot leave out the famous Love Bracelet by Cartier. This 18k yellow gold bracelet is a true icon within the realm of fine jewelry and thus is often selected as the no-brainer piece for luxury jewelry buyers and celebrities like Kanye West, Drake, and Zac Efron. Since 1969, this gold bracelet has been a symbol of free-spirited love, making it a popular item to wear as a matching bracelet with your partner.

The most unique element about the Love Bracelet is that you need to screw the bracelet on (with the help of a partner) to secure the bracelet on your wrist. The bracelet comes with a handy screwdriver. The famous locking technology makes this a semi-permanent bracelet that you would wear 24/7 – yes, you’d wear it to sleep and in the shower as well.

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Cartier Love Bracelet

It is not an exaggeration to say that Miansai was one of the leading brands that normalized jewelry for men in the contemporary era, especially bracelets. When Michael Saiger founded Miansai in 2008, the hook and anchor rope bracelets and screw cuffs instantly became a uniform for stylish men in the fashion industry.

Nowadays, Miansai’s ID Chain Bracelet is making its way to become the modern-day essential. The ID Chain Bracelet is available in various widths, all carrying their own charm. We especially love it in the 3mm gold vermeil version for its versatility and comparably affordable price point.

This sleek and understated is one of those gold bracelets for men with the perfect width; thin enough to look effortless, but also thick enough to show off some bling. The best thing about the 3mm ID Chain Bracelet is that it features a blank curved plate that can be customized with your name, motto, phone number, you name it. We think the gold vermeil is just fine to serve its purpose, but if you are a fine jewelry kind of guy, they also have the same bracelet in 14k gold as well.

Miansai 3mm ID Chain Bracelet, Gold Vermeil

It was all over the fashion press when the affordable fine jewelry brand Mejuri finally launched its men’s jewelry line in 2020. Mejuri is known for its minimal pieces that are designed to be worn every day, for all occasions – and this was great news for men.

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The Flat Curb Chain Bracelet has been a bestseller for a while and a cult favorite for men that strive for a minimal and sophisticated look. Made in 14k solid gold, this is one of those gold bracelets that gives the perfect amount of shine and sparkle. While also seamlessly blending with any outfit. This bracelet can easily be stacked with other options (like the runner-up) on the site or worn alone.

Mejuri Flat Curb Chain Bracelet

If you are a minimalist with a love for simple, clean outfits, Le gramme’s Ribbon Bracelet is our best pick for you. Le gramme is a high-end men’s jewelry brand with a unique concept of each jewelry object being named by its weight in grams.

The ribbon bracelet le 7g is finished with a brushed polish, making it appear semi-matt which we love. This will make any minor scratches less visible and will age nicely with wear. The sleek, open bangle format also makes it quick and easy to slip on your wrist, which is a nice plus for busy men.

Le gramme Ribbon Bracelet Le 7g

Apologies for the repetition, but we could not leave the Le gram website without raving about the Cable Bracelet Le 9g. Another hit from the brand, some of its gold bracelets for men have become the blueprint for cable bracelets in general.

Made with 750 yellow gold, this cable bracelet gives off a more casual vibe compared to the aforementioned counterpart. Think of the cable version as the hipster younger cousin of the more polished ribbon bracelet.

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Le gramme Cable Bracelet Le 11g

If you want to add some sparkle without dropping piles of money, try out Miabella’s Figaro Chain Bracelet. This simple, lightweight chain bracelet is sterling silver and plated with 18k yellow gold for added durability.

The classic chain design with flat diamond-cut beveled links gives some gold bracelets for men an extra shine that doesn’t come off as overly flamboyant. The simplicity will add instant oomph to any casual outfit like a plain white tee and your favorite pair of jeans.

Don’t let the affordable price fool you. The 925 sterling silver material is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, making it durable and a great choice for men with sensitive skin.

Miabella Figaro Chain Bracelet

Best for those looking for low-key but statement-worthy gold bracelets for men, this Saint Laurent’s Small Faceted Cable-Chain Bracelet hits the nail on the head. As a fabulous option from a luxury designer brand, you can expect elegant design and high craftsmanship from this men’s bracelet.

The cable-chain bracelet is accompanied by an adjustable lobster clasp and a ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ engraved metal plaque that will surely become your secret little flex point.

This bracelet is on the thinner side and isn’t too flashy, so it can easily be hidden under your sleeve if you are not in the mood to show it too much. Subtle hints of the bracelet peeking from your sleeve will elevate your overall look.

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Saint Laurent Small Faceted Cable-Chain Bracelet

Santa-Fe-based super brand, Peyote Bird, channels the wild American Southwest in its impeccable line of unique jewelry. Its ‘Imprint’ bracelet draws on rich texture to bring a subtle shine to your wrist without being flashy or imposing. Adding any gold bracelets for men to your next formal outfit to add a little trick up your sleeve (and if your shoes are shined enough, a little spring in your step).

As we have seen on runways for years, adding that last touch to an outfit can take it to the next level. One aspect that is too quickly overlooked is a necessary piece of texture. Expect this piece to be in heavy rotation and turn into a well-loved vintage piece in years to come.

Peyote Bird Imprint Gold Beaded Bracelet

Tom Wood’s Venetian Bracelet is a great pick for guys that want a sleek, clean-cut gold chain bracelet that will go well with any outfit. Founded in 2013, Tom Wood is a brand that focuses on the purity of materials and seasonless design – just what you need.

Operated by a husband and wife team, Tom Wood is exceptional in understanding the needs of both men and women and really works to fulfill the wearer’s fashion cravings. Based on the essence of simplicity, innovation, and Scandinavian functionalism, Tom Wood’s pieces are an elegant (and not too flashy) addition to all wardrobes.

Tom Wood Venetian Bracelet Double M Gold

If you are new to bracelets and want to try something out without breaking the bank, Joycuff’s Blank Cuff Bracelet would be our pick for you. This extremely minimal design and affordable price point make this one of the best entry-level gold bracelets for men out there.

The gold cuff bracelet is made of metal and no real gold (which explains the friendly price tag) but you can expect decent quality for the price, proven by the 4.5-star rating with over a thousand reviews on Amazon.

Joycuff Blank Cuff Bracelet

Now, if you are looking for the blingiest gold bracelets for men at a reasonable price point, go for GEMSME’s Classic Tennis Bracelet. Plated with 18K gold, this brass tennis bracelet is perfect to add tons of sparkle to your true arm candy.

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This gold tennis bracelet design is extremely classic and is sturdy enough to last for several years in your collection with the secure double-latch box closure. Ever since Chris Evert stopped an intense match to look for her string of diamonds that fell off her wrist at the 1987 U.S. Open, this style of jeweled bracelet has become a timeless icon.

This gold tennis bracelet featuring 3mm size cubic zirconia will shine and sparkle on your wrist, making you look expensive and elevated. Diamonds aren’t just for women, but if you are worried that your masculinity is being questioned, simply pair it with a dapper watch or other leather bracelets to toughen up the look.

GEMSME 18K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet

If there is a designer brand that comfortably makes its way onto all of our shopping edits, it would have to be Maison Margiela – yes, we are obsessed. Maison Margiela’s Logo-Engraved Gold-Plated Cuff is another hit from the brand that has fulfilled the needs of its loyal and aspirational followers.

Staying authentic to the cult label’s tried and true French chic aesthetic, this gold cuff bracelet for men is simplistic and effortless. The cuff is engraved with Maison Margiela’s signature numerical code that indicates ‘11’ to represent their accessories line.

This cuff bracelet is made of gold-plated silver, making it a durable piece that will last for years. Easy to slip on and off, this cuff is a timeless piece that you will keep reaching for in your wardrobe to complete your casual and dressy outfits.

Maison Margiela Logo-Engraved Gold-Plated Cuff

If you want something golden but you’re not really into the metallic look, opt for the Valentino Rockstud Bracelet. Ideal for the tough guy, this iconic style featuring Valentino’s signature rockstuds are a great way to add some gold hues without appearing too shiny.

The calfskin leather in saddle brown is nicely paired with the antique brass-finish studs that give off a perfectly golden look, in a more toned-down way. The buckle fastening allows you to adjust the size to give you the most comfortable fit.

Valentino Rockstud Bracelet In Leather And Metal

Another luxury designer classic is Alexander McQueen’s Twin Skull Bracelet in Gold. Best for the rebellious rockstar, this gold bracelet is surely a piece that will add a ton of character to your outfits.

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The skull series has been a core of Alexander McQueen’s brand identity for years and this gold bracelet is a great representation of what the brand stands for. This squared-edged bracelet in an easy cuff design consists of twin skulls and an embossed monogram logo.

The sculptural feel of the skulls is highly detailed, giving it a special hand-crafted feel that makes it feel so luxurious. This brass bracelet is plated with gold and polished to give it the extra shine that goes so well with the punk aesthetic.

Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Bracelet in Gold

1017 ALYX 0SM’s ID Bracelet is a gorgeous piece on the wishlists of many street style enthusiasts worldwide. The bold and perfectly chunky chain links make this the best statement gold bracelet for men.

1017 ALYX 9SM is a brand that has a cult following and is highly renowned in the fashion industry for merging street culture aesthetics with practical garment construction. The brand is run by creative director Matthew Williams, who is well known for his collaborations with Lady Gaga and Kanye West – proof of the popularity.

This ID bracelet in gold is a piece that truly represents the brand for its minimal aesthetic and love for buckles and chains. The clean cut lines and simple, yet bold design will be widely recognizable by its fans – it’s so ‘if you know you know.

1017 ALYX 9SM ID Bracelet

Geoffrey Beene’s Double Franco Chain Bracelet is another handsome Amazon find with an amazing price point. This bracelet is made of high-quality 315L surgical stainless steel that is extremely sturdy and is made to last.

Some gold bracelets for men feature an extendable clasp that makes it so easy to put on or take off your bracelet on your own. The buckle clasp gives off a sturdy and bold look, while the intricate roping detail of the chain feels mid-centric and elegant. Bonus points go to this bracelet since it comes with a special gift box that makes it perfect for gifting and easy to store.

Geoffrey Beene Double Franco Chain Bracelet

The Ocean Diamond Bracelet by Alice Made This is one of the brand’s signature styles that cannot be missed. This modern reinvention of the classic men’s delicate chain bracelets with a unique circular diamond dipped in gold is a must-have for contemporary men’s wardrobes.

Alice Made This is a brand with exceptional precision – they work with engineers and artisans to implement the precision of engineering with the beauty of handwork. This allows them to create unique jewelry pieces that are truly one and only.

Alice Made This Ocean Diamond Bracelet

If you are looking for the ultimate statement piece that will be a showstopper, this Gold-Plated Chain Bracelet by MAPLE is for you. This chunky rendition of the chain link bracelet is crafted with gold-plated brass and is accompanied by a T-bar fastening.

MAPLE is a Vancouver-based jewelry brand that draws inspiration mainly from subcultures like music, skating, and surfing. With a mix of rock, hip-hop, grunge, and graffiti aesthetics, MAPLE’s pieces give off a rebellious, yet polished vibe. Expect this gold chain bracelet to evolve nicely into a gorgeous vintage piece as the surface scratches and collects marks through wear and time.

MAPLE Gold-Plated Chain Bracelet

Hatton Labs’ Gold Belcher Bracelet is a great find for those that want something that feels a little more scandalous and unique than a standard chain bracelet. One of the top gold bracelets for men, this one is at the top of our ‘simple but effective list.’

Hatton Labs is a contemporary brand based in London that draws inspiration from a rich heritage of subcultures. Each piece is handcrafted in the heart of London’s prestigious jewelry district, Hatton Gardens.

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Thanks to the handmade quality, some gold bracelets for men have a unique organic element to it, compared to their other machine-manufactured counterparts. The sculptural feel of the individual loops makes this gold bracelet feel super dainty and carefree. It’s a nice plus that you can fasten the lobster clasp on any of the loops, allowing the bracelet’s size to be completely adjustable to best fit your wrist.  Hatton Labs Gold Belcher Bracelet

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