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11 Unknown Facts About Fast-Food Restaurants That Only Their Employees Know

11 unknown facts about fast food restaurants that only their employees know 1

People love fast food mostly because it’s tasty, fast, and relatively cheap. McDonald’s alone feeds 68 million people around the world every day.

Bright Side authors are no exception — we also go to different fast-food joints which is why we know some of the secrets featured in this article. And at the end of the list, you’ll find a bonus about hedgehogs and ice cream.

One of the main mysteries McDonald’s customers ponder about is the unusual shape of the McFlurry spoon. However, it has everything to do with the way the dessert is prepared. The ice cream is put into the cup, the filler is added, and the spoon is put in. Then, a special machine uses the utensil to mix the ingredients.

This fat, hollow, square spoon is great for attaching to the mixer. This is also a much cleaner way to mix the ice cream because the ingredients won’t spill outside the cup.

2. The cup itself reveals the kind of drink that’s inside.

It’s hard not to see the dots on the lids of cups that contain hot drinks. Usually, you can see them in huge fast-food chains and coffee shops. They’re needed for the comfort of the patrons and staff.

Usually, one of the buttons is “pressed” and says exactly what’s in the cup. This way, you’ll always know which drink is yours if you come with friends. And thanks to these, the staff won’t make a mistake while serving you your order.

3. But not all the cups fast-food chains use are safe…

Street cafes often offer drinks in styrofoam cups. They may be cheaper but they’re bad both for clients and the environment.

The thing is, styrofoam cups are made of special foam polystyrene which when heated, becomes potentially dangerous for the body. Additionally, this material hurts the environment because it’s hard to recycle. You can recognize the material by its special marking — a number 6 in a triangle or the letters, “PS”.

4. It’s better not to be the very first customer in a coffee shop.

Coffee machines are cleaned every day with special chemicals that can easily get into the first cup of coffee in the morning. This is not only bad because of the taste, but it can also lead to poisoning.

5. Cold drinks make you want to eat.

You’ve probably noticed that a medium-sized cola costs less than regular tea and it has nothing to do with production costs. When you drink cold sodas, you eat more food. The same works for salty foods.

So, in order not to consume too many calories, it’s better to drink hot tea or coffee and to ask for fries without salt.

6. Free water is only for customers.

The popular myth about a free cup of water for every client is not completely true. This only works in case you made your order a short time ago. Of course, an employee can give you a glass of water, but they don’t have to do it and are even allowed to refuse to do so.

7. The optimal time for visiting fast-food restaurants

It’s best to visit fast-food restaurants at their busiest hours from 11:30 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 7 pm. During these times, there are a lot of visitors so the food is cooked fast and served when it’s fresh.

Also during this time, there are many mystery shoppers that check the quality of the restaurant so employees ensure their service is really good.

8. Oatmeal is not actually “health food”.

Fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King take part in the trend of serving healthy foods and have added things like salad, oatmeal, and other foods recommended by nutritionists.

However, a “healthy” salad and a fatty burger are almost equal in calories, often because of the different filling substances — vegetables may contain even more calories than meat. The same is true for oatmeal that contains 33 grams of sugar. Starting your day with this much sugar is not the best decision.

9. Even one milkshake is too much.

The absolute record holder in terms of how much sugar it contains is the simple milkshake. It contains more than 70 grams of sugar which is more than the daily norm. Also, the drink contains vegetable fats that are hard to digest which makes us feel bad.

10. When paying in terminals, customers spend more money.

When the payment terminals were introduced, the average price shown on receipts increased. There are 2 factors that contribute to this change: customers don’t have to rush and they’re faced with bright pictures. So, these terminals that were intended to provide more comfort while ordering turned into more effective advertising.

11. Free gifts for children

In every McDonald’s restaurant, you can get a gift for your child. To do this, you must approach any of the employees and ask for a PDP souvenir. This could be a sticker, magnet, puzzle, or paper game.

Bonus: The McFlurry cup’s shape was changed because of hedgehogs.

Before its current design, the hole in the cup was much bigger and comfortable. However, this “comfort” led to tragedy for animals. As it turns out, hedgehogs are big McFlurry fans: they’d lick the leftover ice cream in the cups after they were thrown away. But when they’d put their heads into the lid, they couldn’t always get it back out which often led to trouble.

And after a case when 10 hedgehogs in Scotland were delivered to a clinic with cups stuck on their heads, McDonald’s announced they’d redesign a lid that was safer for animals.

What do you eat when you’re at work? Do you often go to fast-food restaurants?

11 unknown facts about fast food restaurants that only their employees know

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