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You’re Doing It Wrong: Self-Tanning at Home

Are you ready to be summer time fine?

When the sun comes out, most people run outside to achieve glowing, radiant skin. But, before you lay out, hold up—sun exposure may not be the best way to go about this. If your skin tone just needs a bit of a tan, then sure, an outdoor activity (and sunscreen!) might be all you need (Think: hiking, beach volleyball, etc). However, if you’re aiming to deepen your skin tone by two or three shades, then you may want to consider alternative measures that won’t cost your skin’s health.

Celebrities like Rita Ora, Ryan Reynolds, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley seek out the same person for radiant skin: James Read. The professional spray tan artist and owner of the first ever stand-alone tanning studio has spent his career fixing common tanning faux-pas for the elite. Today, he’s sharing his ultimate Do’s and Don’ts for self-tanning so you can glow all summer.

DO exfoliate your skin over a two-day period before you tan.

DON’T apply tanning products until your old tan has faded. “This stops your tan from looking unnatural.”

DO rub an ice cube on your face to close your pores prior to applying self-tanning products.

DO shave and wax 24 hours prior to applying product.

DO use a tanning mitt to avoid streaks

DON’T apply tan directly onto your hands, feet or ankles. “Use the excess product on your tanning mitt and rub over these areas.”

DO blend the tan into the hairline as you apply. “If you make a mistake you can remove excess tanner by applying makeup remover to a Q-tip and rubbing along the hairline.”

DON’T apply the tanning products in large amounts.

DO use a straw when drinking to avoid the “white lip look.”

DON’T wash your hands right after applying self tan. “No one wants the white hands, brown arms look.”

For the best results, try out the products below! 

Now, you’re ready to shine! 

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