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You Definitely Missed the Ring on All Hollywood A-Listers Right Now

The expression “pinky promise” is taking on a whole new meaning.

Hollywood A-listers are bringing back the sacred vow, but instead of hooking fingers, they’re wearing rings—and you probably didn’t even notice. The accessory represents a pledge to empower women, and we’ve seen it on everyone from Emma Watson to Nicole Kidman. And while these leading ladies are taking a subtle stand—the ring is a dainty, adjustable piece comprised of two stones— the impact they’re making is enormous.

Here’s what you might’ve missed.

Emma introduced the world to Shiffon Co., a company founded by Harvard and Stanford undergraduates, during the eco-friendly fashion marathon that was her Beauty and the Beastpress tour. Her Instagram feed served as both our fashion fix and an education in environmentally conscious dressing. Somewhere in between the Oscar de la Renta bustiers and Givenchy gowns was a tiny ring with a big message. Emma posted: “Half the profit from Shiffon’s pinky ring collection and 10% of profits from all other Shiffon products directly fund seed grants for female entrepreneurs and companies that promote the well-being of women.”

She also mentioned the brand’s partnership with the nonprofit One Young World, which has allowed Shiffon to reach and mentor a growing group of global, young female innovators. For anyone who purchases the Duet Pinky Ring, it’s designed to be a physical reminder of a promise to support one another as part of a worldwide community of strong women.

And the network is certainly expanding.

ESC: Nicole Kidman

David Livingston/Getty Images

During last week’s Emmys, the stars showed up to take a stand for women in more ways than one. The HBO mini-series Big Little Lies took home eight trophies, and Nicole used her platform to address domestic violence survivors while her co-star Reese Witherspoon called for more female representation in Hollywood. As Shailene Woodley was talking to E!‘s own Jason Kennedy, she opened about the fierce connection the exists behind the scenes of their award-winning series.

“It’s so amazing to have a group of women who are so supportive of one another and don’t care about jealousy, aren’t competitive, have put ego and competition aside and really are just able to show up and be present as a pillar of support—there’s nothing better than that,” she said.

That bond has materialized in the form of the little-pinky-ring-that-could, at least for Shailene and Nicole. The Big Little Lies cast-mates have taken their own empowerment pledges, but have also turned this powerful piece of jewelry into a bigger message about the importance of female friendships. With Hollywood A-listers quietly adorning their fingers with Shiffon’s Duet Pinky Rings, it’s not only a public emphasis on the need for more women helping women, but a celebration of the incredible things that happen when they do.

Want to join Shiffon’s global network of strong women? Scroll through to check out their collection of pinky rings and make your own promise!

ESC: Shiffon,rings

View Table of Contents

Duet Pink Ring in Sterling Silver, $90

ESC: Shiffon,rings

Duet Pink Ring, 14K Gold, $375

ESC: Shiffon,rings

Diamond Duet Pink Ring, White Diamond, $640

ESC: Shiffon,rings

Diamond Duet Pinky Ring, Limited Edition Black Diamond, $1,800

The ring is a discrete way to unite women who fight to make this world better, and we’re keeping our eyes out for the next set of stars to join the club.

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