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What Happened To Rand Gauthier From The Pam & Tommy Scandal?

Rand Gauthier never had plans on doing Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson wrong, until an incident triggered him to exact revenge on Lee. Gauthier was initially hired by the couple to help renovate their Malibu home, but per Rolling Stone, he was fired due to botching the job, with the musician refusing to pay him $20,000 for services rendered. He was set on letting it all go, but Lee allegedly pointed a gun at him and his co-worker when they returned to the property to retrieve their things. “Get the *** off my property,” Lee apparently said.

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It was then that Gauthier concocted a plan to steal from the rockstar. Seeing as he was already familiar with the couple’s home, he was able to gain access to their safe, which reportedly included jewelry, luxury watches, firearms, and of course, the infamous Pam and Tommy sex tape. Gauthier then collaborated with other people to sell it, knowing that he basically struck gold with his discovery.

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And while he technically admitted to committing a crime, Gauthier never went to prison, nor received any serious legal repercussions. He had been stiffed off profits from the tape, sure, but for the most part, he got out of the whole thing unscathed. Per Decider, he’s currently residing in Santa Rosa, California, where he’s growing marijuana. He also has a website that says that he’s a “writer and researcher with the goal of developing polyacrylamide gels for new purposes.

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what happened to rand gauthier from the pam tommy scandal

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