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What Color Looks Best On Me?

You may ask, what color looks best on me? Figuring out the color that suits your skin can be difficult as it is easy to assume your colors based on what suits the people around you or what you prefer.


Since most people tend to ignore the importance of finding the color that flatters their skin, identifying the color that suits them is tough. Your skin color is determined by the amount of melanin in your skin, exposure to the sun, genetics, and atmospheric conditions, although the most prominent is the pigment “melanin”. The people around you might have more or less melanin than you do, hence, producing multiple skin tones. The fact that a color suits your sibling’s skin does not ensure that it will suit yours.

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This is why you should discover that color, the color that makes you feel like it is made for you.

Like finding the best hairstyle that suits your face, finding the perfect color that flatters your skin is tricky. To determine the color that best suits your skin, you should be aware of these factors: first, your skin tone, and second, your skin shade.


Many assume that finding the color that best flatters your skin should not be complicated. However, it is easier said than done. What you need to do is identify your skin tone and your skin shade, which will aid you in determining the group you fall into, which could be cool, neutral, or warm

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The first step to figuring out your skin tone is to know your skin’s undertone. This part can be complicated yet easy, depending on your skin clarity. Look down at the vein on your wrist in natural light. Pay attention to the color. If your veins look green, you are warm-toned, if they look blue, then you are cool-toned. Now that you have determined your skin tone let’s get down to the colors.


Warm-toned people stand out in colors inspired by the reflection of nature. Your best colors are yellow, peach, orange, amber-gold, and neutrals like cappuccino, mushroom grey, and cream. While cool-toned people bag colors that are inspired by the depths of the ocean like blue, rose, lavender, purple, and grey.

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People with neutral skin tone cannot tell if their vein is green or blue, they may see both colors in their skin undertone. If you have a neutral skin tone, you should focus more on your shade.


Several articles address the importance of identifying skin tones without reference to skin shades.

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Luckily, this article nails down four major skin shades. If you have got a dark skin shade, the best colors for you are navy green, burgundy, grey, and pink. Pastel colors also suit dark skin shades flawlessly. Supposing you’re brown-skinned, there is a high probability that your skin tone is neutral. The colors that look best on you are mid-blue, jade green, corn silk yellow, pastel brown and blue, and teal and grey. If your skin shade is olive, the colors that will look amazing on you are burgundy, maroon, magenta, navy blue, olive green, and coral. The last is the fair-skin shade. This is for the people we call light-skinned.

The colors that elevate your looks are honey brown, lavender, burgundy, olive green, cream, and lagoon blue.
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Black, white and red is generic colors as they tend to be flattering on every skin. You just have to determine from the many hues, which hue suits you more.

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