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VP debate: ‘Atiku will be killed for corruption’ – Nigerians react to Peter Obi claims on China

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The Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Peter Obi has come under attack following his reference to China’s economy during just concluded debate.

Obi had on Friday night during the Vice presidential debate compared China economy to that of Nigeria.

Obi said Nigeria lost four million jobs in a six-month period, while China created 10 million jobs within same period.

He said, “If you look at what China has been able to do with SMEs, SMEs in China is contributing to 60 per cent of their GDP. And 60 per cent of China’s GDP is 7.2tn (dollars), which is 18 per cent of Nigeria’s GDP.

“China today, using the same SMEs, is guaranteeing 10 million jobs annually. Half of this year alone, China has produced 7.2 million jobs, which is over 40 per cent of their target. Within the same period, Nigeria lost four million jobs.”

The debate which featured only five parties was organised by the Nigeria Elections Debate Group and the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria.

However, Obi who dominated the debate alongside Osinbajo has since stirred divergent reactions online following his statement on China’s economy.

Some Nigerians asked the former Governor to also talk about the punishment meted out by China to its corrupt officials, not just its economic performance.

According to some Nigerians on social media, Obi’s running mate Atiku Abubakar will be killed in China for corruption.

@Ezeasukwu “The Truth remains that in China corruption is death sentence. Many of them would have been a forgotten story by now.”

@Mustaphamainaum “Throughout Peter Obi’s explanation in the debate, he was giving emphasis on China and Malaysia.

“Is Peter Obi aware that he and Atiku could have been executed in China for siphoning money from the public purse?

@Ogundamisi “Peter Obi should we really go the way of China? Saw you did not tell us what they do to corrupt people in China? Will Atiku approve?

@Prof_Blu “I was expecting him to name one of the right things but he never said any. All he kept saying is China. Someone needs to remind Obi that in China people like his principal Atiku would have been hanged.”

@4eyedmonk “Peter Obi’s persistence on using China as his examples is fraudulent. China is close to being the biggest economy in the world; the whole of Africa’s circumstance does not allow you do that.

“It is easy to drop their big figures and seem like you are making a point.”

@Karovoni “Peter Obi is always using China as an example but one of the reasons China was able to achieve what they did was having a strong stance against corruption, they executed corrupt officials.

“Let’s not even start to talk about Atiku’s love for corruption.”

@Lanrrub90 “Peter Obi keeps comparing China GDP with Nigerian GDP, China investment to Nigerian investment, China production to Nigerian production but dude never mentioned China death sentence to corrupt public officers to buttress his point.”

@Mr_Jags “I suggest that President Buhari should appoint Peter Obi as Nigeria’s Ambassador to China during his second term following the VP debate.”

@Isaozo “Peter Obi keeps referencing China. My own is are you ready for us to do what China did to get to where they are? Because if we do, Your Atiku won’t stay alone to be president.

“They fought corruption in China by executing corrupt leaders of which your boss USA major culprit.”

@Myoluwaseun2014 “Peter Obi and his Chinese theory is annoying, China is where they are today because looters are sentenced to death.”

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