SHIRLEY, NY - SEPTEMBER 20: People walk along the beach as high waves produced by Hurricane Jose crash along the shore on September 20, 2017 at Long Island's Smith's Point Beach in Shirley, New York. Hurricane Jose was downgraded to a tropical storm but continues to produce winds up to 65 mph and create dangerous rip currents. (Photo by Andrew Theodorakis/Getty Images)

Forecasters are warning parts of the UK to brace for gale-force winds of more than 60mph overnight.

The strong westerly winds will be at their height from 9pm on Wednesday, and will continue until about 9am on Thursday.

The Midlands, Mid Wales, North Wales, the North West, Yorkshire and East Anglia are the areas most likely to be affected.

A yellow severe weather warning has been issued for  🍃with the potential for disruption to travel and power supplies

Sky News weather producer Chris England said: “It’ll be wet and windy through many central parts today, with heavy rain and 60mph gusts bringing the risk of some disruption to travel, especially as many trees are still in leaf.

“The wind and rain will spread south tonight, with coastal gales likely around the Channel early tomorrow, but will clear during the morning to leave a mainly fine day.”

Heavy rain is also forecast, especially over northwest England and North Wales.

While rainy and windy weather in not unusual in the UK in October, this month is expected to be the wettest on record due to the fallout from tropical storms Lee and Maria over the Atlantic.

Another two storms – Brian and Caroline – are due to reach UK shores in mid-October.

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