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The untold truth of Thor’s wife

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Years before she would meet husband Chris Hemsworth, a 15-year-old Elsa Pataky got a Thor symbol tattooed on her arm, according to Vogue Australia. Of course, her future Aussie beau would go on to play the God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this strange coincidence has not been lost on the actress herself. “Yes, it’s about Thor and I ended up marrying who plays Thor!” Pataky told the media outlet in 2018. While this begs the question of whether the Madrid-born star unknowingly tattooed her marital fate, she admitted, “It is shocking how things in life [turn out].” Indeed! However, Pataky added, “I just liked that [symbol] and the legend he had was so beautiful and I wanted to keep it.”

Well, we can’t argue with that logic. According to Norse Mythology for Smart People, Thor’s Hammer, a.k.a. Mjöllnir, symbolizes “an instrument of blessing, consecration, protection, and healing.” Throughout their relationship, tattoos have continued to hold special meaning for Pataky and Hemsworth. The married pair shares matching tattoos on their wrists. Both Hemsworth and Pataky reportedly have the initials of their first names, followed by the initials of their children’s first names, using the Runic alphabet. So, when translated, their wrists feature the ink “C,” “E,” “I,” “T,” and “S,” which presumably stand for Chris, Elsa, India, Tristan, and Sasha. Talk about #ParentingGoals.

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