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The untold truth of Ainsley Earhardt

The untold truth of Ainsley Earhardt

In May 2019, Earhardt spoke candidly about suffering a miscarriage in an emotional, tear-filled video for I Am Second, which has filmed hundreds of interviews, documentaries, and short films in an effort to inspire the Christian community. When it was Earhardt’s turn to face the camera during the non-profit’s “White Chair Film” series, she opened up about her struggles with pregnancy, what it was like to lose her first child, and the role her faith played.

“I was a planner. I had a whole life planned out,” she said of her career. “When I started trying to have children, I was not successful.” While the TV personality eventually became pregnant, she sadly received shattering news during her second ultrasound. “There was no heartbeat,” Earhardt recalled. “So [the doctor] looked at us and she just said, ‘I’m so sorry.'”

That was when the doubts set in. “I started thinking, ‘Should I have done this earlier?'” Earhardt admitted. “‘Is this my fault? What’s going on?'” However, just a few months later, she became pregnant again and later gave birth to a healthy daughter, Hayden Dubose Proctor, in 2015. The proud mom concluded, “Know that God has a plan and God works it all out. Life is such a journey. Every step of it, good or bad, is still beautiful.”

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