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The unsaid truth behind Prince Charles been jealous of Princess Diana

While Prince Charles was born to be in the spotlight, the future king grew jealous after he married Princess Diana because she consumed the public’s interest.

In a personal recording from Diana: In Her Own Words, Princess Diana reveals, “Everybody always said, when we were in the car, ‘Oh we’re on the wrong side. We want to see her, and we don’t want to see him.’ And that’s all we could hear as we went down these crowds. And, obviously, he wasn’t used to that. Nor was I. He took it out on me. He was jealous.” She continued, “I understood the jealously, but I couldn’t explain that I didn’t ask for it. I kept saying, ‘Whoever you married would have been of interest for the clothes, and how she handles this, that, and the other. And you’ve built the building block for your wife to stand on to make her own building block.’ He didn’t see that at all. I learned to be a royal in one week. I was thrown into the deep end, which, now, I prefer it that way.”

Diana further highlighted an instance of increased tension after William and Harry were born. “By then, there was immense jealousy ’cause every single day I was on the front of the newspapers.” After Harry was born, she claimed that their marriage officially “went down the drain.” Perhaps it was because Prince Charles could not accept that Diana was indeed the People’s Princess, as he obviously wished the spotlight would stay on him.

the real reason prince charles was jealous of princess diana

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