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The unsaid truth about Don Imus

The unsaid truth about Don Imus, After his mouth, cost him his work in Stockton, Calif., Imus discovered work at a radio terminal in Sacramento, Calif. It was right here that he pulled a stunt that resulted in him being crowned DJ of the year in the classification of the medium-size market by Billboard. Per Vanity Fair, the boundary-pushing shock jock made a decision to impersonate the sergeant of a created body called the International Guard for the trick, which involved phoning a McDonald’s as well as ordering 1,200 burgers for his non-existent soldiers.

“Currently, pay attention, on 300 of those I desire you to hold the mustard,” Imus told the perplexed clerk (via New York publication). “Yet placed on plenty of mayo as well as lettuce. However, I don’t want any onion on those. And also on 200– well, make that 20– I desire you to hold the mayo as well as the lettuce however lay on the mustard as well as make those medium uncommon.” The incident acquired nationwide attention and ultimately contributed to a new FCC judgment — going forward, DJs needed to “identify themselves” when they made the phone calls to the general public.

The bigger effect got on Imus’ profession. It had not been long before he landed a more financially rewarding job in Cleveland, Ohio, where he had the ability to reach a much bigger audience. He once again won the Signboard honor for DJ of the year (this time around in the classification of the significant market) throughout his time in Cleveland, his last stop prior to he landed in New York.

The unsaid truth about Don Imus

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