Although Matt leads people to believe he’s close with all of his children, this might not be the case with his youngest son, Jacob Roloff. The supposed evidence is in Jacob’s book, Out To See. In the book, Jacob went to great lengths to praise the Roloff family’s late family friend, Mike Detjen, even calling him a “father figure” — but he didn’t say much about Matt.

“I appreciate Mike’s influence on me a lot. … he would get me reading Popular Mechanics and Popular Science out loud during the long drive,” Jacob penned about the pair’s long car rides to away games, according to Radar Online. “I expanded my mind and learned new words from the writing inside those magazines, and even things I didn’t fully understand helped me later as a writer and reader. I find reasons all the time to credit these habits, of reading the Populars and playing strategy games, as being major influences on my mental development. In other words, what I already know about Mike’s influence on me I find reaffirmed often.”

Matt, on the other hand, only received two sentences. “My dad taught me practical, mindful things like chess, how to build a fire, and other sorts of exercises in basic critical thinking to a degree that I still carry the lessons with me today,” Jacob wrote, according to Instagram. “He was also a great storyteller, sitting all of us kids by the fire and telling stories of ‘dark, windy nights.'”


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