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The $32 Tarte Make Magic Happen Eyeshadow Palette

tarte make magic happen palette 1Current palette crush: the Tarte Make Magic Happen Eyeshadow Palette, $32 and available meow!

This new Tarte eye palette is called Make Magic Happen…but I keep calling it Make Magic Mike 3 Happen, haha!

tarte make magic happen palette packagingThe limited-edition Tarte Make Magic (Mike) Happen Eye Palette, $32

“Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette featuring a magical, plush powder formula in 9 pigmented mattes & metallics to make you sparkle & shine EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.” –tarte.com

  • imagine (ivory)
  • abracadabra (copper)
  • charm (pink shimmer)
  • twinkle twinkle (gold)
  • enchantment (pale pink)
  • believe it (greige)
  • impress (slate)
  • fantasy (rose gold)
  • miracles (plum)

This palette must have powers, because every time I post a picture of it here or Instagram, I get lots of questions, like who makes that!? Why is it so effing gorgeous!? If I wear that, will Magic Mike/non-husky Channing Tatum show up in a leather thong!?

I totally get the attraction. I’m low-key obsessed with it too, which is why I keep taking pictures of it…

tarte make magic happen palette closeupHello, my pretty!

Yes, it’s a neutral palette, and you already know how I feel about neutrals. ? I love them. But this one isn’t #basic. It’s filled with pink, plum and taupe, with a dash of gold and copper.

Like the shadows in the Rainforest of the Sea eye palettes, these are semi-creamy, but an infinitesimal amount less wet…

I was going to say “moist,” but you know my stance on that word.

Anyway, the creamy texture makes them incredibly smooth and easy to blend, and that in turn makes them FUN and great for fast eye looks. FYI, though, they aren’t the most pigmented shadows on the block. They’re on the sheer side, which is another reason I like them, because I’m perpetually in a hurry.

If you like them but crave more color, you can turn up their intensity by applying them with a finger.

tarte make magic happen palette swatchesI love this color combination.

I REALLY like that I can sloosh a few of these colors on my lids, do some half-@ssed blending, and have it turn out OK. That’s a major plus in my book.

tarte make magic happen palette kWearing the Tarte Make Magic Happen Eye Palette, Tarte Lid Lock in Buff, NARS Powermatte in American Woman and Tarte Blue and Gold in Rose Gold

The darkest shade, by the way, is a deep plummy brown that looks SO pretty as a liner all by itself, or layered on top of a purple pencil liner like MAC Prunella. Those two are so bomb together.

tarte make magic happen palette k eye closeuopUsing the dark plum shade as a liner on top of a black pencil is totes key here.

It’s flat-out gorge-gina on top of black pencil. The black makes it look more complex and deeper.

It’s lazy-girl approved and gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me. ??

If you wanna Make Magic Happen, head on over to Ulta, because that’s where this beauty resides.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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