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The 15 Best Grey Sweatpants Whether On The Couch Or On The Go (2022 Edition)

As the workforce shifts to remote work-from-home situations, comfort is starting to reign supreme. Yet even with the mass migration, there’s still one essential clothing item every modern man should have in his closet – a pair of grey sweatpants -and we’re not talking about the threadbare holier-than-thou, pizza-stained monstrosities you’ve had since high school.

Now before you close this article in disbelief, hear us out. While Jerry Seinfeld’s take that sweatpants are equivalent to “giving up” has been ingrained in many of our minds, trends of the last few decades tell a different story. Since the introduction of sweatpants to everyday wear in the aerobics-crazed 1980s, sweatpants have been a love-to-hate item of clothing for many. 

In the late 90s and early 2000s, pop stars and socialites pioneered the athleisure look with Juicy Couture velour tracksuits and Von Dutch joggers. And while the late Karl Lagerfeld lamented that sweatpants indicated that “you lost control of your life”, recent looks from pop stars like Justin Bieber to sports icons like David Beckham disagree. 

the 15 best grey sweatpants whether on the couch or on the go 2022 edition
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You may be thinking to yourself, “But I can walk into any clothing store and find 4 pairs of gray sweatpants immediately, why should I think too hard about it?” And you’re mostly right. But with a growth in popularity also comes a growth in sophistication and style. 

Long gone are the days when generically designed, $5 Walmart and Costco sweatpants are the norm. Today, authentic Champion sweat gear runs over $50 at Urban Outfitters, and even designer brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have dipped their toes in the metaphorical streetwear pool.  

If all of this sounds overwhelming, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best grey sweatpants a modern man could need. Easily transition from your work from home office to happy hour with friends with any pairs from our list.

Our Top Picks

Lululemon has gained a huge following as a high-quality workout clothing brand in recent years. While they’re mostly known for their leggings and form-flattering jackets, their sweatpants certainly don’t disappoint. These grey sweatpants are the perfect basic piece of clothing for men with a busy lifestyle and can transition from home to the gym, to errands, to the bar effortlessly. 

The French terry fabric and adjustable drawstring waist on these sweatpants ensure softness and maximum comfort while working out, on the go, or just chilling at home. The tapered fit, on the other hand, flatters the form and makes sure you look good no matter what you’re doing. The pocket room and shape-preserving Lycra fabric ultimately make these a great choice for men on the go.

While this pair is a great option for men looking for easily adaptable grey sweatpants, they are a bit of a splurge at over $100.

Lulu Lemon City Sweat Jogger

An article about the best grey sweatpants just wouldn’t feel right without one of the most recognizable brands in the athleisure game: Champion. Since its inception in the 1940s, the Champion logo has always been a stamp of quality sporting gear, and the Reverse Weave Joggers are no exception. These classic sweatpants and their jogger fit have the perfect blend of retro and timeless that allows them to be paired with any kind of outfit for a price that won’t break the bank.

Made of Champion’s signature heavyweight fleece, these are a perfect choice for lounging on the couch or keeping warm while venturing out in the colder months. The ribbed waistband and gusset provide a snug fit with maximum mobility while on the move, and the roomy pockets ensure your ability to carry your phone, wallet, and other essentials.

Champion Grey Sweatpants

In a world where fashion options are virtually unlimited, it’s more important than ever to put our money towards change. Amsterdam-based menswear brand Unrecorded has committed to being at the forefront of that change and combating negative environmental impacts of the fashion industry, by weaving together “style and sustainability”. 

The Unrecorded Uniform sweatpants are a reliable, durable pair of sweatpants you can count on having for a long time. They have elastic cuffs and a drawstring waist to give a classic, timeless look, and organic cotton and heavy French terry knit for maximum comfort. Saving the world never felt so cozy.

Unrecorded Grey Sweatpants

If anyone can be trusted to produce warm, durable clothing, it’s a company with Scandinavian roots. Norse Projects prides itself on making adaptable clothing that’s “created for life”- and their sweatpants live up to the motto.

These Falun Classic sweatpants are cut in a tapered fit without an elastic cuff ankle, giving the silhouette of tailored sweatpants without restriction. They feature two deep front pockets and a single back pocket, all with visible seams to add a subtle hint of design to the classic grey sweatpants. And, most importantly, they are made of an organic cotton fleece that will keep you cozy all throughout your day.  

Norse Projects Falun Classic Sweatpants 

Madrid-based fashion company Neutrale is so named for its sustainable, carbon-neutral approach to fashion, even listing its water footprint and other ecological impacts on its website. Neutrale’s Natural Soft sweatpants are another excellent option for anyone who is eco-conscious and knows they don’t have to compromise on style and comfort while saving the planet.  

Neutrale’s Natural Soft sweatpants are made with Neutrale’s signature certified organic cotton, as well as natural fabric dyes that are 100% biodegradable and bio-compostable. These sweatpants are built not only with the earth but also with comfort in mind.

The organic cotton fleece material ensures warmth and, as the name implies, softness, while the simple cut allows for a baggy fit without looking sloppy. Though the elastic waist is not adjustable with a drawstring, these sweatpants are an excellent choice for fast-fashion fighters.

Neutrale Natural Soft Pants

Swedish menswear brand A Day’s March has made itself a name in quality men’s basics. The Stratton jogger lives up to that reputation. These heather grey sweatpants are made of 100% soft organic cotton, and their elastic cuffs and waistband provide a relaxed and customizable fit. 

The Stratton jogger runs large, and the Day’s March website even recommends purchasing a size down from what you typically wear. So while attaining the fit that will get you that perfect, tailored jogger silhouette may be out of reach with these sweatpants, they’re a great choice for a reliable pair of grey sweatpants. 

A Day's March Grey Sweatpants

Everybody deserves to stand out and feel stylish, even on a dressed-down day. That’s why the Axel Arigato Unit pants are the best grey sweatpants for anyone who knows that fashion doesn’t have to be sacrificed for comfort. These Axel Arigato sweatpants undergo a unique dyeing process to give them their vintage look, and their decorative seams on the fly and knee panel elevate the idea of the classic grey sweatpants. 

Along with their fashionable details, the organic cotton fabric provides the same level of coziness and relaxed silhouette you’d expect from your favorite pair of sweats. While the loose ankle fit doesn’t provide the tailored look that’s come into the spotlight of men’s fashion trends in recent years, these sweatpants are still a great choice for anyone looking to elevate their casual look. 

Axel Arigato Sweatpants

One of the keys to selecting the right pair of grey sweatpants to elevate your wardrobe is striking the perfect balance between style and comfort. A young professional working from home wants to be comfortable as well as presentable. Look no further than Mack Weldon’s Ace Sweatpants, which they describe as “your college sweats” with an upgrade. 

These stylish sweats are made of Mack Weldon’s Ace fabric, micro-brushed French terry, and spandex that provide a balance of softness and stretch. The tailored design of these sweatpants and slightly fitted ankle give these sweatpants the feel and comfort of joggers with a deceptively dressed-up look.

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpants

One of the most interesting parts of the rise of streetwear is the de-emphasis of sweatpants for their main purpose– actually sweating. Don’t worry athletes, we haven’t forgotten about you. It makes sense that an athletic company would be included in a list of the best grey sweatpants for men, and Nike Sport Essentials+ Sweatpants are named essential for a reason. 

The Nike Sport Essentials+ provides a sporty look that you don’t have to be an athlete to take advantage of. Their tapered fit and tall, ribbed ankle cuffs provide a clean line and a look that shows off your new kicks as an added bonus. These joggers are made of Nike’s cozy fleece, which are 100% sustainable material, including recycled polyester and cotton fibers.  

Nike Grey Sweatpants

When it comes to men’s grey sweatpants, there’s typically little room for variety in terms of design. If you’re looking for a pair of sweatpants that will elevate your outfit with texture, look no further than ASOS Design Knit Textured sweatpants.

These sweatpants are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a more fashionable pair of sweatpants. Their pattern, ribbed waistband, ankle cuffs, and jogger fit have the look of effortlessly chic tailored sweatpants. However, its wool fabric and knit texture ensure that your comfort isn’t sacrificed.

While the lightweight knit of these sweatpants means you may not have the warmth factor of some of our other choices, these are still an excellent choice for men looking to elevate their streetwear game. 

ASOS Grey Sweatpants

Chances are if you’re looking to make sweatpants a part of your wardrobe then you’re not just someone looking to hop on a trend, but you’re also someone with a busy schedule looking to be comfortable on the go. These Zara Knit Cargo sweatpants are perfect for someone who’s always on the move. The flap patch pocket on both legs secures your wallet, keys, phone, etc., while also providing an interesting stylistic detail. 

The washed-out color effect as well as the jogger fit and ribbed ankle cuffs ensure that fashion is as equal concern in these sweatpants as utility is.

Zara Knit Cargo Pants

Streetwear pulls its influences from everywhere it can, and while it’s predominantly inspired by the late 80s and early 90s hip-hop culture of New York and California, that doesn’t mean it’s exclusive to the states. In fact, a huge influence on modern streetwear comes from the streets of Japan, which is why Uniqlo is a great place to look for that baggy, streetwear-style sweatpants. 

Uniqlo’s Ultra Stretch Dry Sweatpants say everything in the name. The polyester and spandex fabric combination gives these sweatpants a comfortable feel, while the defined side seam adds a subtle detail of style. Its drying fabric makes it ideal for the home or the gym. 

While Uniqlo’s sweatpants aren’t as fitted to that tailored look we’ve come to expect of men’s sweatpants recently, they’re still an affordable and versatile pair. 

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Dry Sweatpants

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of comfort and durability, then you have no further to look than The North Face. The North Face originated as a store for hiking equipment and boasts the mantra “Never Stop Exploring,”, so it’s no surprise that their sweatpants are going to help you move around and look good doing it. 

The City Standard grey sweatpants tapered fit and cuffed ankles bring refined details to the everyday comfort of sweats, and the zipped back pocket ensures that everything you need stays safe and sound. Get ready to lace up your hiking boots, throw on that favorite sweatshirt, and see where these grey sweatpants can take you. 

The North Face Grey Sweatpants

The Southpole Active Basic Jogger proves there’s no shame at all in being basic. These sweatpants have the quintessential college sweats look, with a slim fit that accentuates your best features and a white drawstring waist. The jogger style of these pants keeps them out of your way and would be perfect for working out, especially in the colder months.

Not only does the stylish cut emulate your favorite streetwear looks, but the snug fit and thick polyester blend make these sweatpants a great choice for anyone looking to prioritize serious coziness. 

While the warmth and durability are huge selling points, the Southpole grey sweatpants do lack some breathability in the fabric but are ultimately a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, versatile jogger. 

Southpole Active Basic Jogger

Since its emergence in turn-of-the-century in Alabama, Russell Athletic has committed itself to producing quality sporting apparel. Today, over a century later, Russell is still a name you can trust. The Cotton Rich 2.0 Sweatpants take it back to the basics, with a clean and simple straight leg style that works just as well in the gym or on the field as it does out and about. 

With the Cotton Rich 2.0 Sweatpants, it’s all about comfort. The cotton blend provides maximum warmth without the uncomfortable weight, and the open ankle fit and adjustable drawstring allow for a relaxed and customizable fit.    

Russel Grey Sweatpants

What to look for in a pair of grey sweatpants

As we’ve already covered, the market for a quality pair of men’s grey sweatpants is oversaturated at best, so what should you be looking for when looking for your own pair? Luckily, three words can guide you through your sweatpants’ buying experience: fit, fabric, and occasion


Today’s sweatpants have evolved significantly from their one-size-fits-all origin, so considering how they fit your body is just as important as shopping for a pair of slacks. The tailored sweatpant is a hot and stylish moment in men’s fashion, but only when done correctly. 

For this reason, it’s essential to do your research before adding a pair to your online cart (but that’s why you came to us, right?). To really nail that trendy streetwear style, sweatpants should be looser above the knee and taper below it, striking a balance between comfortable and chic.

Although we as a society have surpassed the “sweatpants stay at home” attitude and turned them into a closet staple, the primary goal of sweatpants is ultimately still comfort. This is why consideration of fabric and material is so important when looking for the right pair of sweatpants for you. 


Taking fabric into consideration while buying sweatpants will make sure you get the softest pair possible, and it’ll make sure you’re not overheating. Fabric breathability is essential for comfort, whether on the couch or on the go.


Lastly, just like buying any other article of clothing, you need to consider where your sweatpants are going to be taking you. This is where the devil is truly in the details. If you’re planning on these sweatpants taking you from day to night, maybe you want something a little more upscale, like tailored grey sweatpants with belt loops or with more intricate seams to dress them up. 

If these are purely utility sweatpants for running errands, you might consider a pair with cargo pockets. While the search for the best pair of grey sweatpants may seem daunting, considering these three things will help you navigate the fleecy, grey sea of possibility. 


    • Modern sweatpants are all about the balance of comfort and fashion, so it makes sense that this balance comes in handy while styling your sweatpants as well. Instead of throwing on your sweatpants and your favorite oversized hoodie and calling it a day, offset the bagginess of the sweater with a sleek, fitted sweater, or a cool band tee that shows a little more of your frame. Pairing a fitted top with a looser bottom not only accentuates your best features but creates a cool look while staying comfortable. 

      • When styling grey sweatpants, simplicity is key. A minimalist color palette of white, black, navy blue, and olive green is sure to bring an air of sleekness and sophistication that will elevate the sweatpants. And you can never go wrong upping your game with a cool pair of high-top sneakers or boots.

        • Grey sweatpants season is a term coined by Twitter and other social media sites to describe the time of fall when you guessed it, grey sweatpants become a staple of a young man’s wardrobe. If this sounds unexceptional to you, it’s because you have to know that grey sweatpants have somewhat of a thirsty double meaning online. The appeal of grey sweatpants is that they show hints of things that, to put it lightly, are usually hidden in pants, which makes a quality pair even more essential for a single guy’s closet.  

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