The university of Georgia is located on the Eastern region of Europe, over the past few years Georgia has become a viable destination for undergraduates who intend to further their education abroad, mainly because the cost of studying and living there is more affordable, compared to the price one has to pay to study in the United States or the United Kingdom. ..

The standard and quality of education provided is on the same level as other major countries such as Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy and United states The major advantage is that one will be paying a moderate tuition for the same quality of education .The school is located in Tbilisi which is ranked 3rd safest city to live in the world, in one of the most secured nations in Europe.

> Tuition and Fees for 2017-2018 Academic Year

> o English Program of Business Administration (BBA) (Undergraduate)– 4000 USD
> o English Master’s Program of Business Administration (MBA) (Graduate)– 4000 USD
> o English Bachelor Program of Engineering (Computer Science, IT) (Undergraduate)– 4000 USD
> o Nursing for International Students (Undergraduate) – 3500 USD
> o English Program of Pharmacy (Undergraduate) – 4000 USD
> o Dental Program in English (Single-Cycle) – 4800 USD
> o English Philology (Undergraduate) – 3000 USD
> o English Program of Medical Education  – 5500 USD
> o International Business Law (LL.M) – 4000 USD

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