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Rachel Maddow Predicts ‘Fetal Personhood’ SCOTUS Case Will End Abortion Nationwide

rachel maddow predicts fetal personhood scotus case will end abortion nationwide 1

An alarmed Rachel Maddow is convinced Republicans will now angle to bring a “fetal personhood” case before the Supreme Court in a bid to totally shut down abortion nationwide.

Such a case would aim to define a fetus as a human being, and an abortion as murder. Maddow warned the extremist fight is a long game, decades in the making, often enforced with violence, and that Republicans aren’t about to ease off now that the court has overturned Roe v. Wade.

“The anti-abortion political project of the Republican Party and the political right has been the central organizing principle for the right’s entire effort around the judiciary, one for which there is still no match or mirror on the left. It’s a big deal,” she said on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” Friday.

This movement, 40 years in the making, “is just now hitting its stride, that is just coming into maturity,” she noted.

And they’re not stopping, she warned.

“There’s nothing in the reasoning of today’s opinion from these six justices that would stop them from accepting something like a fetal personhood case,” Maddow explained.

“A fetal personhood case … would give this court a path to not just let individual states ban abortion, which is what they did today. … A fetal personhood case could be their vehicle to impose a nationwide ban on abortion, on the order of the United States Supreme Court,” she said.

It’s hardly far-fetched, Maddow argued.

“Would it be that much more radical than what they’ve done today?” she asked. “I mean, they’ve kind of broken the seal here, haven’t they? Roe was a 50-year-old precedent that had been reaffirmed by the Supreme Court itself multiple times,” she noted.

“The conservatives have the power on this court, and they will now wield it however they want, to achieve whatever outcomes they want, to change the country however they want without restriction — and you must do what they say,” she warned.

Maddow told viewers to begin watching for new cases that will challenge the rights Justice Clarence Thomas has already warned will be next on the chopping block: same-sex marriage and birth control.

“Watch for a county clerk somewhere to refuse a license to a couple trying to get married,” she said. “Watch for somebody who works at a health facility somewhere to refuse to process a prescription or an order for contraception. … Watch for Texas or another Republican-controlled state to bring back its sodomy law.”

“For them, the dam has burst,” she said of the justices.

“What do you see in their behavior that would give you any reason to believe that they see a reason to stop?”

See her full warning here:

rachel maddow predicts fetal personhood scotus case will end abortion nationwide

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