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Quantum Leap’s Brandon Routh Weighs

Just the beginning? Brandon Routh weighed in on whether Quantum Leap viewers can hold out hope for a potential return from Addison’s (Caitlin Bassett) father, Alexander.

“All possibilities exist and I would love to be back if it works for the show,” the Legends of Tomorrow alum, 43, exclusively told wowplus.net ahead of his debut, which aired on Monday, March 6.

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During the new episode of the hit NBC series, Ben’s (Raymond Lee) latest leap brought him to the same military ship as Addison’s father in 1989. The time traveler helped clear Alexander’s name after he previously took the fall for a decision that wasn’t his fault.

Quantum Leap's Brandon Routh Weighs In on Potential Return After Leap Twist
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Things quickly took a turn, however, when Ben met Richard Martinez (Walter Perez) in the same leap. The marine thanked Ben for helping him accomplish something during his mission — which hinted at a bigger mystery centered around the recent leap.

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Ahead of the episode, Routh opened up about joining the cast of Quantum Leap as a fan of the original series, saying, “It was very cool to be a part of this new lore. Years ago, I’ve had had the opportunity to work with Scott Bakula and so that was my first brush with [the show]. He was amazing and awesome then I got to actually be on Quantum Leap.”

The Iowa native also broke down how he filmed scenes alongside his onscreen daughter even though they couldn’t interact.

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Quantum Leap's Brandon Routh Weighs In on Potential Return After Leap Twist
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

“It was cool. For me it wasn’t as much of a difference necessarily because I can’t see her but having her presence and knowing who Addison is in the future informs [the experience] a little bit,” he told Us. “Having Caitlin play Addison, informs the strong and intelligent and full of-heart child that I know at three or four. That was helpful in creating that base and grounding it with that energy.”

Bassett, 32, for her part, offered a glimpse at how the show will pick up following Martinez’s surprise return.

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“We are digging deeper into the truth of what’s happening around us. There’s obviously powers and pieces in play that Addison certainly is not aware of and Ben forgot,” she shared with Us. “So, he might have been aware of them at some point, but he is not aware of them now. So far that this is the trajectory of the show [and] it absolutely continues to go deeper. I don’t want to say too much more than that but you’ll see it in the next four episodes. It gets very exciting.

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