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Portable Condemns Oladips for Faking Death to Promote Album

In a shocking turn of events, controversial singer Portable has spoken out against rapper Oladips for allegedly faking his own death to promote his new album. The news has sparked widespread outrage and disbelief among fans and the music industry.

The controversy began when the management of rapper Oladips announced his passing in a social media post on Tuesday. The news spread like wildfire, leaving fans and colleagues in shock and mourning. However, just a day later, Oladips’ close associate Qdot took to Instagram to declare that the rapper is indeed alive, sharing a picture of Oladips and stating, “@oladipsoflife my gee is alive.”

This conflicting information has left many questioning the authenticity of the initial announcement and has raised concerns about the ethics of using such a drastic and false measure to promote music.

In a viral video circulating on the internet, Portable, who is gearing up to release his album ‘Street Donjazzy’, expressed his disapproval of Oladips’ alleged actions. He vehemently condemned the rapper for resorting to such a deceitful tactic to gain attention for his new album.

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“I’m not tired of life now. I’m still very much alive. I can’t use my own life to play in such a way because I’m still very much happy with life. I will not use my death to promote an album,” Portable stated in the video.

The music industry has been buzzing with discussions and debates surrounding the controversy, with many expressing their disappointment and frustration with Oladips’ alleged stunt. Fans and fellow artists have taken to social media to share their thoughts, with some calling for accountability and transparency in the way artists promote their work.

This incident has also reignited conversations about the pressure and competition within the music industry, with artists feeling the need to resort to extreme measures to stand out and gain recognition in an increasingly crowded and competitive market.

As the news continues to make waves, it remains to be seen how Oladips will address the allegations and what impact this controversy will have on his career and reputation. The music industry will undoubtedly be closely watching how this situation unfolds and the lessons that can be learned from it.

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In the midst of the controversy, Portable’s outspoken stance against the alleged stunt has garnered attention and support from fans and industry insiders. His refusal to engage in such deceptive tactics has positioned him as an artist with integrity and a commitment to authenticity in his music and promotional efforts.

As the story develops, the music industry and fans alike are eager to see how this controversy will be resolved and what implications it will have for the future of music promotion and artist conduct. The fallout from this incident will undoubtedly shape the way artists approach promotion and the ethical considerations that come with it.

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