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Lisa Kudrow’s Heartfelt Thank You Note to Matthew Perry

The bond between Phoebe Buffay and Chandler Bing ( Matthew Perry ) on the hit TV show “Friends” may have been underrated, but the real-life friendship between Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry was anything but. Despite their onscreen camaraderie flying under the radar, the two co-stars developed a close and lasting bond that extended beyond the show’s finale.

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Their friendship was on full display in 2013 when Kudrow appeared as a guest on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” with Perry filling in as the host, according to Entertainment Weekly. During the interview, the two reminisced about their time on “Friends” and even revealed their favorite episode, which turned out to be the same. The episode in question, “The One Where Everybody Finds Out,” showcased Phoebe and Rachel’s hilarious antics as they tried to get Chandler to admit his relationship with Monica. The chemistry between Kudrow and Perry shone through in their shared laughter and memories.

As the years went by, their bond only grew stronger. In 2022, Perry released his memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” in which he openly admitted that no one had ever made him laugh as much as Kudrow, as reported by ET. What’s more, Kudrow penned a heartfelt foreword for Perry’s book, expressing her deep admiration for her co-star. She wrote, “He was there, Matthew Perry, who is whip-smart… charming, sweet, sensitive, very reasonable and rational. That guy, with everything he was battling, was still there. The same Matthew who, from the beginning, could lift us all up during a grueling night shoot for the opening titles inside that fountain.”

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Kudrow’s touching thank you note to Perry not only highlights their enduring friendship but also offers fans a glimpse into the genuine connection they shared. Their bond, both on and off-screen, continues to resonate with “Friends” enthusiasts and serves as a testament to the lasting impact of the beloved show.

The heartfelt exchange between Kudrow and Perry has left fans feeling nostalgic and has sparked renewed interest in the enduring appeal of “Friends.” As the show continues to capture the hearts of new generations, the enduring friendship between Kudrow and Perry serves as a reminder of the show’s timeless charm and the lasting impact it has had on its audience.

The enduring bond between Kudrow and Perry is a testament to the power of genuine connections forged through shared experiences. As fans continue to celebrate the legacy of “Friends,” the heartfelt thank you note from Kudrow to Perry serves as a touching reminder of the enduring impact of the beloved show and the lasting friendships it inspired.

The enduring friendship between Kudrow and Perry continues to captivate fans and offers a glimpse into the genuine connections that were formed during the show’s run. As “Friends” remains a beloved and enduring classic, the bond between Kudrow and Perry serves as a heartwarming reminder of the lasting impact of the show and the enduring friendships it inspired.

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lisa kudrows final thank you note to matthew perry is so touching

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