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[PHOTOS] Care-giver drugs, rapes patient in intensive care unit

A 17-year-old female student who was rushed to a hospital’s Intensive Care Unit after she fell unconscious at a party has been raped, having been allegedly drugged by one of the care-givers.

The incident has sparked violence, with several protesters arrested and some policemen injured.

Violence reportedly broke out after news spread that the student, Akansha, believed to be 17 or 18 years old, had been raped in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

She had been rushed to the hospital after falling ill and losing consciousness at a party.

Akansha claimed that she was drugged and raped by a ward boy, or nursing assistant, later that same night.

She said: “After I was brought to the ICU, my mother changed my clothes. Late at night, the ward boy showed up and said since your clothes are wet, they will need to be changed.

“I asked him to call a nurse or my mother, but he refused. He said there was no nurse available and my mother had gone back to the party and my father had gone to take medicine.

“Then he took me to the washroom and said not to feel shy in front of him.

“I had to change clothes in front of the ward boy. He then asked me to change my top as well and started unbuttoning my top himself. I ran away to my bed. He then ran away.

“The ward boy came again and injected me, which caused me to fall sleep. He took advantage of the situation and raped me.

“I could feel something wrong was happening, but I couldn’t do anything, as I was under the influence of the drug.”

An angry mob went on the rampage when the news spread, and they rioted and attacked police officers as a result.

Baton-wielding officers tried to control hundreds of protesters who gathered outside the hospital where the rape allegedly took place.

But the crowd turned on the police officers, throwing stones and charging back at their lines in violent scenes caught on camera by eyewitnesses.

One police officer was kicked and punched unconscious after he found himself isolated and surrounded by demonstrators.

Akansha’s father (name withheld) said that he had been prevented from seeing his daughter that night.

He added: “In the morning, I forcibly entered the ICU, where, seeing the condition of my daughter’s clothes, I suspected that something was wrong.

“I shook her awake and she started crying and told me about the whole incident.”

The incident happened in Kanpur, Northern India’s Uttah Pradesh State.

Deputy inspector general of Kanpur police, Sonia Singh, said the girl’s family members have been “up in arms against the hospital for a couple of days,” Outlook magazine reports.

She added: “We are doing our best to douse down the situation, because we cannot tolerate lawlessness. However, stringent action against the accused will be taken.”

It is not reported whether police are investigating the rape allegations.

The identity and whereabouts of the accused are also not known.

The Times of India had reported that three policemen were injured during the riots which happened on Saturday, with two being monitored in intensive care.

See photos of police encounter with the angry protesters:

 ICU rape

Mob attack 3

ICU rape 2

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