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Part 2: Top Life Coach, Lanre Olusola & Teebillz speak about depression, sucide and their ongoing awareness about Mental Health to Linda Ikeji TV

In his first ever interview, Tunji ‘Teebillz’ Balogun exclusively opened up about his personal struggles while trying to raise awareness on the dangers of depression and how to overcome it because of the rapid rate of suicide happening in Nigeria now. See the first part here (here),

In this second part, our host has a sit down with both Teebillz and foremost life coach, Lanre Olusola, as they discuss mental health and their ongoing fundamental awareness about it. Read some excerpts below.

On what made him decide to go see Lanre Olusola after the suicide attempt in 2016? Teebillz said;
“He actually reached out to me. I was at Banky’s house at that point after the incident and he actually called Banky and reached out to me. He was like he didn’t see it coming as I came to him 2 years ago. ‘I just never followed up, Olusola said. From there he just adopted me and I’ve been with him since 3 days after my incident. A thorough remodelling and it’s been good. He’s been a great guy and blessing in my life.”


On how Lanre Olusola felt on finding out it was so serious without him even knowing, he replied: 
“You know the prevalence of depression and suicide is crazy. Every 40 seconds, someone dies from committing suicide. I know the impact and how serious it is. I’ve met Tunji before, very incredible guy and for me, what I do as a mind and life coach , is a calling. I couldn’t resist not to respond to that cry for help. Tunji has a number of people that truly genuinely love him and I just couldn’t say no.”
On how you get to know that someone is suicidal? Olusola replied;
“There are different signs that you see. Your sleep and eating patterns start to change, you lose interest in the things that normally should interest you and passion even in your looks. You have recurrent negative thoughts that consume your mind. You don’t want to go out and interact with friends. You don’t want to get out of bed bed or eat. The thing about depression is that it’s mental. Expecting that the person should get over it’s not that easy. You are captive to your mind. From negative to suicidal thoughts. You are consumed by it. Almost like you are hearing voices telling you to end it now. The thing about people that go through depression and have suicidal tendencies is that there are not going to check themselves for help. It’s the people around them that need to understand that something is not right and you need to quickly get them professional help.”
On what Teebillz case was after the incident? Olusola said;
“It was serious. Who wants to kill himself? For you to get to that stage, you have gotten to the level of despondency (low spirits from loss of hope or courage; dejection) , The highest level of no hope and future. All you think about is just to end in.”
Teebillz adds: “A lot of people think its just attention seeking, or it’s a joke. That’s why we are trying to create awareness for people to get educated.”
Lanre Olusola continues; “When people try to say I am worthless, there’s no sense of self anymore. When this feeling is consistent for two weeks, then that person is certified as depressed. When that feeling is consistent for 3 months and that’s all you are  doing and thinking,m then its getting to a dangerous stage where suicide is eminent.”
Is the awareness affordable? Olusola replied; “Yes. We are ding free sessions and we are going to announce it on all social media platforms. Very soon we are having a whole day dedicated to this. For us, it’s about creating awareness, Getting people to understand that when people have malaria, high blood pressure or chronic pain, it is ok. When someone has diabetics or depression, it is Ok. There’s is no difference between the illness of depression and the others mentioned.”
Teebillz adds; “And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just that you have issues and you are trying to get help with your issues. If I can come out and accept and admit, that’s why I am using my own experience to help other people know that it’s ok. Just because you have issues does not mean that’s the end for you. You just have issue that you need to deal with. Just go out there and get help however you can get help. Don’t keep it within yourself and that’s the problem. People are afraid of the stigma.£
Olusola continues; “Mental health is stigmatized. Your biology responds to your psychology. The person that has depression is not less ok mentally than someone that has a coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetics. Your body responds to your mind. Your mind and body are one and the same system. One infects and affects the other.”
On how you teach someone to become their own friend?
“You’ve got to accept who you are. You are authentic, original and the very first thing is to accept yourself the way you are. The very first thing is a simple technique. You bring out a mirror and we tell you to look straight into it, look into your eyes and tell yourself, (mentions name) I love and accept you the way you are. And then tune into how you are feeling, First you’ll feel like it’s a lie, you’ll criticize yourself, then fear, then guilt stands in your way, When we identify each of the four things, then we begin to address where its coming from. Find the root cause and reprint a different experience. Then we’ll tutor you on self acceptance and self love. We teach you to accept yourself and enjoy your own company. We teach you to love your future and present, and accept your past. Everything you went through in the past is what shaped you and you would never have become who you became without your past. embrace your past, control your present so that it will create the future.”
On whether people close to Teebillz also need the awareness in order not to do things that can cause a relapse, Olusola said;
“Your environment influences your behaviour and depression is a form of behaviour. When people come to us, we first of all run a diagnosis on what the causes are. Once we identify it, we began the process of change. Because we know we are going to reintroduce you onto that environment, we help you to create a pseudo environment that you carry into that old environment. It’s almost like you are in a capsule and it is emotion/bullet proof, it protects you. We equip you with the tools to understand what the triggers are. You become a master of your self/mind and how to react/respond. We help you reconnect with your subconsciousness. Teebillz is able to identify the triggers now.”
Since he’s in control of his mind, is he in control of his marriage? Teebillz said “Everything that is my mind, I’m in control of it.  Everything around me. Olusola interjects, whether it’s business, marriage or relationship with people, he’s in control. This wasn’t a gentleman that would have been here two years ago. His reaction then is different from now.”
On what has changed? Teebillz replied; “I have handles situations better.”
Speaking further, Olusola revealed that money, love, relationships and when things are not working, depression is triggered, Menopause, being sacked, a lack of discovery can trigger it. Some people it’s hormonal change. Cheating in relationships, children with disorder can trigger it
On how to battle the suicidal thoughts, Olusola replied;
“On my website, you’ll find different materials there. The person that is suicidal, all he hears is end it, kill yourself, you are not worthy. When you hear that, you have to say to yourself, the opposite of that. I am worthy, I love myself. I have this reason to live, I will live for my children. If you are spiritual; God is with me, the spirit of God is with me, I have life. When you hear those voice in your mind, you have to speak the exact opposite of it. At least 7 times and give yourself the reason to build up the opposite faith. You must reverse the negative thoughts and renew your mind by saying the positive opposite. Don’t say  I don’t want to kill myself, the reason why is that your subconscious mind that controls 90% of your actions does not process negative instructions, say positive things that you want instead.”
On whether Teeebillz also had external help apart from Lanre Olusola, he said;
“One of the things that he;lp me was the love from the closet people to me. And sometimes it might not be medication but people paying attention to you and just giving you the love needed at that particular time. That was what gave me the strength. I spoke  Dr. Osas that I actually want to fight with this thing without medication and this was the route. I have kids and I don’t want them to read or find out about this later on. I was just determined to get out of the situation whatever it takes. I was able to and now I’m of help to other people.”
Olusola adds; “The truth about it is love and empathy is medicine. So there things we recommend; Laughter when the heart is merry, there is no way depression can stay and also Kindness.
On plans coming up for their awareness campaign; see screenshots and watch the video below for more…


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