OJ Simpson Killer Non Grata … At USC

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USC just delivered a pretty ferocious stiff arm to O.J. Simpson. 

With the ex-Trojans running back expected to be released from prison in October, USC football coach Clay Helton was asked Thursday if the Heisman Trophy winner would be welcomed back to campus. 

“Currently, right now, what the USC administration and athletic department has said is, ‘No, O.J. will not be a part of our functions or invited,'” Helton told reporters at PAC-12 media day. 

“That’s been the statement by the university.”

When asked what he would say to Simpson if the 70-year-old wanted to come to a practice, Helton said — “I’m cordial to every person that I’ve ever met.”

USC shouldn’t be too worried … Simpson will most likely keep busy continuing the search for the real killer. 


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