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Nigeria news : Diaspora Nigerians teaming up ahead of 2023 general election

nigeria news diaspora nigerians teaming up ahead of 2023 general election

Nigerians in the Diaspora have said there was a need for them to ensure the nation’s socio-political development.

Speaking on the socio-political developments in the last few years, the newly appointed National Chairman, Diaspora Engagement of the African Democratic Congress, Hon. Kenneth Chibuogwu revealed that notable Nigerians in Diaspora have teamed up for the “Mission Nigeria Rescue.”

He explained an SOS call for Nigerians in the diaspora to team up with some credible compatriots in Nigeria to execute “Mission Nigeria Rescue” to salvage the sinking ship of a great nation in Africa.

Chibuogwu, who spoke during the ADC-DN 1st Global Roundtable (FGR) in the UK, said they were moved with passion for being recognized as the 7th geopolitical zone of the African Democratic Congress.

Explaining how Diaspora Nigerians have intervened in the nation’s bankruptcy mess, Akabuogwu said:

“A constituency that has kept a country alive, saving it from multiple bankruptcies through its $19.7 billion and $22 billion in 2016 and 2017 respectively, which was higher than the $10.4 billion and $13.4 billion garnered from oil exports.

“The country’s main export in the same period cannot simply remain passive in the fundamental obligation in determining who governs them and the country at large.

“If the diaspora remittances are crucial for the sustenance of the Nigerian economy and our folks, our voices and our votes are equally as crucial, if not most crucial for sustaining project Nigeria, democracy, and good governance in Nigeria.

“The reason for this emergency call is obvious: Political corruption, criminal insurgency, kidnapping, terrorism, poverty, unemployment, and a dearth of infrastructure have become permanent features of our polity as of today.

“The Nigerian youths who could no longer fold their hands as their future is being stolen before their very eyes fired the final salvo with END SARS Movement.

“We will be betraying the Youths and the Nigerian dream if we fail to heed to this clarion call now and join hands with them to salvage the sinking ship of our great nation.”

He lamented the harrowing experiences they were going through abroad, noting that Nigeria was labeled as the world’s poverty capital.

“The entire fabric of the Nigerian nation is in great turmoil and collapsing before our very own eyes. The hashtag poverty capital of the world is demeaning to all hard-working Nigerians, especially Nigerians in Diaspora.

“Irrespective of our personal comfort, professional accomplishment and sophistication and the development any of us enjoys in any part of the globe we live in today, we are still associated with these negative hashtags all over the globe,”

he said.

However, he noted that “The Journey will be hard and stormy, but Nigerian

s are known to excel when the going gets tough. ‘Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.’ According to Franz Fanon, we will not betray this call of the century.”

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