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NCAA March Madness Guide

With March Madness set to begin in two weeks from now, there is still a lot that has to be decided. On Saturday, all of the top six teams in the country lost and it was the first time in NCAA history that it happened all on the same day.

This goes to show that anything can happen and that this year’s NCAA Tournament is going to be wide open. Betting on March Madness this year is going to be extremely difficult. It was just a two-team race last year between Gonzaga and Baylor, but that is not going to be the case this year.

Betting on this stuff is what makes this sport fun and also stressful. No bet is going to be safe come March. What are some of the examples of how to bet on these teams come March time?

One of the keys to how to bet on the National Champion is to wait until the bracket is released. Once the bracket is finally released, it will be much easier to analyze the region, see where the top teams are seeded where, and who they can potentially play against not only in the first round but in the later rounds.

Bets are still being made blindsided before those brackets are released. However, there will be those who will file in even more bets when the time comes. What are some primary examples of betting on these games or futures come March Madness time?

Betting On a Single NCAA Tournament Game

Let’s say one of the NCAA Tournament Games is 11 Davidson vs 6 USC. An example spread would be USC -6 and an over/under of 135.5 total points for that basketball game. If you think that USC is going to win the game by more than six points, then bet USC. If you don’t think it will happen, then bet Davidson +6.

Also, it is important to look at the points per game stats by each team when it comes to scoring. Vegas is usually never wrong when it comes to point spreads and over/under. So say, for example, USC averages 70.9 points per game and Davidson averages 63.8 points per game, it adds up to 133 PPG. Since the over/under is 135.5 total points, the odds are you are most likely as the bettor to bet the under point total.

Using numbers and statistics in sports betting matters. There is also another way to bet on this game if the viewers don’t want to bet on it this way. It is called the money line. An example would be Davidson +425 and USC -360. 

Since it is an 11 vs 6 game, it is more likely that an upset could happen. Betting Davidson at +425 for $100 would cash out more money than USC for -360 for $100. The plus sign means that you can win more money than you would if it is a minus sign. That is the world of sports betting.

Betting On a Single Team To Reach the Final Four

There will only be one winner from each region of the bracket. However, say the top four seeds for that region are: 1. Gonzaga (-125), 2. Duke (+250), 3. Texas Tech (+500), and 4. Ohio State (+600). 

Since Gonzaga has a minus next to the number to reach the Final Four, it would be wiser to take a risk to bet on either Duke, Texas Tech, or Ohio State to reach the Final Four.

Betting On a Single Team To Win the National Championship

Now all of these odds are with the plus sign. All of these bets will be worth the risk this year because March Madness is going to be so wide open. The top four candidates to win it all are probably going to be Gonzaga (+350), Arizona (+650), Auburn (+700), and Purdue (+850).

These are just some examples of how bets are placed at this time of the year for March Madness. 

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