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How to Create a Winning Same Game Parlay

It is almost time to start filling out a March Madness bracket, as the NCAA Tournament field will be announced in the middle of March. Not only does winning a bracket pool provide a chance to win some money, but there will also be plenty of betting opportunities as well. 

Since the NCAA Tournament is such a massive event, this is a time when there will be plenty of betting options available for each game. One of the newest options is what is known as a “same game parlay,” and this will be offered during the NCAA Tournament. 

This can be a chance to win some serious money if it is done correctly, and this article aims to help you put together this type of wager. Here are some tips or strategies to use when looking to create a winning same game parlay. 

Decide Outcome of Game

Before you even start looking at the potential betting options for your same game parlay, you will want to determine how a particular game is to go. This doesn’t mean that you have to include a moneyline pick in your bet, but you at least need to decide which team you think will win.

After you have come up with a solid idea of how the game will play out then you will find it much easier to look for betting options to include in your parlay. 

Add Spread or Total Bet

This tip is not something that has to be done, but it would be a good idea to begin your same game parlay by making a spread or total bet. Similar to the tip that was listed above, this will help you make the rest of your bets if you have a good feel for how the game will play out.

Another great reason for adding a spread or total bet is the fact that those odds are almost always set at -110. Those are pretty good odds to include in a same game parlay wager and will boost the overall return. 

Look at Player Stats

After you have developed a plan for the game, then the next step is to look at all of the player prop betting options that will be available. This is really going to be the heart of your same game parlay, and you will want to explore options for both teams. 

When you look at player stats, you are going to want to focus on the best players in each matchup. This will make it easier for you to do your research, and the best players typically have the biggest impact on an NCAA Tournament game

Always Search For Value

After you have decided how the game will play out, and you have made a spread or totals pick, you still have some work to do. We already mentioned that you should then look at player prop betting options, but you need to be looking for value when doing so.

If you find a bet that has odds set at -450 then it’s not really beneficial to add that to your same game parlay. Even if the leg hits, it is not going to add much to the overall value of the wager. 

On the same note, you don’t want to add a bet with odds of +150 simply in hopes of a big payout. Find the value in each leg and the potential payout will take care of itself. 

Limit the Number of Legs

The biggest issue with putting together a same game parlay is that most bettors get too caught up in the potential payout. This temptation can be hard to ignore, but it’s something that you must-do if you are going to create a winning same game parlay. 

The most important factor when looking to put together a same game parlay is to only choose the legs that look like a solid betting opportunity. Simply searching for legs to increase the payout is a terrible strategy that will backfire in a hurry. 

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