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My Strugglses with Fibroid and My Survival (True life story)


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May 11th 2013 happened to be the day never to be forgotten in my life. By then my marriage was barely 3 months and few days to my 34th birthday. I don’t wish for a day of such again in my life not after the hardship and struggles I have been through in the past just to become successful.


I have had delay in virtually all facet of life and now I think I deserve the very best from life. But my encounter with fibroid almost proved to me that there was nothing so enjoyable about life after all.

On that very day (11th of May), I was at my cousin’s wedding and we were at the reception when I suddenly felt this sharp pain in my pelvic area. I had had this feeling few days before then as that had become the recent tradition during my menstruation. 

I wasn’t expecting any flow because it was already day 7 of my menstrual cycle. As embarrassing as it would be, my white attire was totally drenched in blood due to excessive flow. I was already fainting and this put everyone in pandemonium in a day that should be meant for celebration.
Quickly, I was rushed to the hospital and found myself in the emergency unit. Luckily for me I survived it but was already made to receive blood transfusion by the time I regained my consciousness I felt I was being anaemic. The gynecologist came around with my ultrasound test results. It was on shocking when he diagnosed me of intramural fibroid and had multiple fibroids growing in my uterus. I almost fainted for the second time. I was already thinking what I had done to make life get so cruel to me. I was operated upon just a year ago when after a long battle with subserosal  fibroids which was just one then. The doctor suggested another surgery but immediately I declined I never wish to go under knife again not even before child birth. (http://naturalhealthclinic.com.ng/fib.html)
I was given another non-surgical option of having to lie down inside an MRI machine to visualize the inside of my uterus. I was told that the    high energy, high – frequency sound waves will be directed at the fibroids to ablate them. I subscribed to that treatment and felt the whole thing should shrink off after that.
Some months after, the fibroids came back again and even bigger, it felt as if I was pregnant. By then I was feeling discomfort in almost everything; I urinated almost 9 times a day, my abdomen was swollen and could not have enjoyable bed time with my husband because I always felt pain during the process.
My husband and I were praying and hoping for a miracle because I had lost my job as a result of my inconsistence for the private company where I worked. On the 16th of March this year (2016), he called from his office that he found something out and that I should follow this link

http://naturalhealthclinic.com.ng/fib.html  then give him a feedback. I browsed through and found out that I could get rid of my fibroid with some natural supplements. Since it required no surgery I gave it a trial. A month after I discovered I did not have heavy flow as I used to and my cycle lasted for 5 days. The next month I had similar experience of normal flow again. I rushed to the hospital for checkup and the doctor was surprise to see that my fibroid had reduced drastically in numbers and in sizes. Around July this year I began to feel some changes in my body system again and could not see my period at due date. I was skeptical so I booked an appointment with my doctor again I was in uncontrollable tears when he told me that my fibroids were all gone and that I was 6 weeks pregnant.  I feel it is normal I reveal to you all that this link  http://naturalhealthclinic.com.ng/fib.html  is sincere and God’s sent

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