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Look No Further: Your Wedding Dress Decision Is Written In The Stars

Your romantic nature loves anything vintage. You’ll be drawn to a more traditional look that incorporates the past. Mom or even Grandma’s dress may be the perfect choice for you, especially if you have a strong attachment to your family.

Dramatic and luxurious are your key words and your dress needs to reflect your passionate, fiery nature. You’ll want a top of the line design, no expense spared and a dress that maximizes all of your assets.

You love a clean natural look, so your best dress will incorporate fabrics like raw silk, bamboo or organic cotton and a hand dyed or one of a kind artisan design. Simple and green are your themes, with a focus on honoring the earth.

Balance, beauty and harmony are so important to you that your dress needs to be a work of art. If you don’t actually design it yourself, you may commission a design. You want to feel feminine, but without too much fuss, so look for a classic design with a modern touch.

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