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Labour Party Calls on Imo Electorate to Vote for Liberation from Insecurity in Upcoming Gubernatorial Polls

Imo State, Nigeria – The Labour Party has made a fervent appeal to the people of Imo State to liberate themselves from the shackles of poverty and insecurity as they prepare for the upcoming governorship election on November 11, 2023.

Imo State has been plagued by severe insecurity over the past three years, with non-state actors occupying certain areas, rampant kidnappings, and numerous loss of lives and properties. Recognizing the dire situation, the Labour Party believes it has the capacity to restore normalcy in the state.

Speaking exclusively to, Chief Innocent Okeke, the Labour Party’s National Vice Chairman for the South-East, emphasized that it is now time for the Imo electorate to take control of their destiny. He expressed confidence in the party’s candidate, Senator Athan Achonu, who is fully prepared to address the pressing issues of unemployment, insecurity, and deteriorating infrastructure.

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Senator Achonu has identified insecurity as a major concern in Imo State and has vowed to give it urgent attention upon assuming office. To effectively tackle this issue, he has identified the root causes, including poverty, unemployment, weak law enforcement, political instability, and inadequate security infrastructure.

In his comprehensive plan, Senator Achonu aims to address unemployment by providing youths with access to capital and financial services, skills training, and entrepreneurship support. He firmly believes that by creating job opportunities and ensuring active youth participation in governance, the underlying poverty that fuels insecurity can be eradicated.

Furthermore, Senator Achonu recognizes the importance of strengthening law enforcement in the state. He plans to equip the security forces with the necessary resources and provide them with adequate training to effectively combat crime and maintain peace and order.

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One notable aspect of Senator Achonu’s approach is his emphasis on grassroots engagement and citizen participation. He understands that Imo State’s success lies in its people’s collective strength. By actively involving the citizens in decision-making processes and governance, he aims to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility among the populace.

The Labour Party’s vision for Imo State aligns with the aspirations of the people who yearn for a safer and more prosperous future. Their candidate, Senator Athan Achonu, offers a refreshing perspective and a concrete plan to address the pressing issues that have plagued the state for far too long.

As the gubernatorial election draws near, the Labour Party urges the Imo electorate to cast their votes for liberation from insecurity and poverty. It is an opportunity for the people to shape the future of their state and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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Imo State deserves a leader who understands the root causes of insecurity, poverty, and unemployment. Senator Athan Achonu’s commitment to tackling these issues head-on, along with his focus on grassroots engagement and citizen participation, sets him apart as a candidate who can bring about much-needed change.

The Labour Party’s call for liberation from insecurity resonates with the people of Imo State. It is time to break free from the chains that have held them back for too long. With Senator Athan Achonu at the helm, Imo State can finally embark on a path towards a secure and prosperous future.

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