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Ekiti State Government Summons Surveyors and Lawyers to Resolve 60-Year-Old Ado/Ilawe Land Dispute

In a bid to finally put an end to the longstanding land dispute between Ado and Ilawe Ekiti, the Ekiti State government has called upon the lawyers and surveyors representing the two feuding towns. The government has deemed it necessary to involve these professionals in order to carefully examine the documents related to the dispute and provide their expertise.

The Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, Chief (Mrs) Monisade Afuye, issued the directive during a mediation session held in Ado Ekiti on Tuesday. She expressed her disappointment at the reported cases of violence that have occurred on the disputed land, despite the clear warning that no one should trespass until the matter is resolved.

According to historical records, this land dispute dates back to 1963. However, the government is determined to find a resolution and restore peace between Ado and Ilawe Ekiti. Chief (Mrs) Monisade Afuye emphasized the importance of unity and love between the two communities and urged them to work together towards a peaceful resolution.

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“We cannot stand idly by while lives are being put at risk. Governor Biodun Oyebanji is a strong advocate for peace and unity, and we will not allow anyone to undermine his efforts. We are giving both parties a two-week ultimatum to bring their surveyors and lawyers to collaborate with experts from the Ministry of Justice and our Land Dispute Resolution Technical Committee. Together, we will review all available documents and agreements dating back to 1971 to determine the best course of action for a swift resolution,” she stated.

The Alawe of Ilawe Ekiti, Oba Ajibade Alabi, expressed his gratitude to the government for their commitment to resolving the crisis. He claimed that his town, through the Ekiti South Local Government, had already made payments for a portion of the disputed land, as evidenced by the available documentation. The monarch, represented by the Elemo of Oke-Emo, Chief Gbenga Agbona, assured the government of their full cooperation and compliance with the final verdict.

Similarly, the Ewi of Ado Ekiti, Oba Rufus Adeyemo Adejugbe, commended the government for its impartiality in handling the dispute. He pledged the support of his people and their willingness to abide by the government’s instructions and directives in order to prevent any bloodshed or violence.

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The involvement of surveyors and lawyers in this mediation process is crucial to ensure a fair and thorough examination of all relevant documents. By bringing together experts from both sides, as well as the Ministry of Justice and the Land Dispute Resolution Technical Committee, the government aims to facilitate a speedy resolution to the crisis.

The resolution of the Ado/Ilawe land dispute is not only important for the two communities involved but also for the overall peace and stability of Ekiti State. The government’s proactive approach in addressing this issue demonstrates its commitment to maintaining harmony among its citizens.

As the two-week deadline approaches, all eyes are on the surveyors, lawyers, and experts involved in this process. Their expertise and professionalism will play a significant role in determining the future of the disputed land. The resolution of this 60-year-old dispute will not only bring relief to the people of Ado and Ilawe Ekiti but also serve as a testament to the power of mediation and collaboration in resolving conflicts.

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In conclusion, the Ekiti State government’s decision to summon surveyors and lawyers to resolve the Ado/Ilawe land dispute is a positive step towards achieving lasting peace. The involvement of professionals with expertise in land matters will ensure a fair and thorough examination of all relevant documents. As the two communities work together towards a resolution, the government’s commitment to peace and unity remains unwavering.

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