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L7 Celebrates Three Decades of Heaviness

L7 Celebrates Three Decades of Heaviness: Two L.A. shows by the frankly magnificent L7, as they celebrate the 30th anniversary of the also magnificent Bricks are Heavy album. This band should be celebrated whenever we get the chance. The Side Eyes open on Thursday, and FEA on Friday. 

The band also reissued the album this year, and Donita Sparks said in a statement, “After all these years, we began thinking it is strange that we have never received a proper accounting of actual sales to date for this record. We were so close to Certified Gold 30 years ago, surely we have crossed the line by now. So we thought to hell with it, we are declaring ourselves Gold and making our own gold records. Get ‘em while they are hot.”

We chatted with Sparks back in 2019 as L7 was preparing to release the Scatter the Rats album. She told us that, “We don’t all have to be hopeless. It took me a while to get to that way of thinking too. It’s like, ‘I’ve got weapons and my weapons are sitting here writing a song. In my own little tiny space. Yet it’s gonna get out there.’ I’m a threat, you’re a threat. You write about this, you write about other stuff. We have weapons to combat all this violence going on, all this craziness going on. We have weapons too, but they’re not of a destructive nature. They’re of a creative nature. That was a definite light bulb moment for me, lyrically.”

This time, of course, they’ll be focussing on Bricks are Heavy, but just know that they never lost their fire.

L7 Celebrates Three Decades of Heaviness: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 27 and Friday, October 28 at the Regent.

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