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Kogi State APC Calls for Immediate Arrest of SDP Governorship Candidate


In a dramatic turn of events, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi State has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the Governorship Candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Muritala Yakubu Ajaka. The call comes after a series of violent incidents in the state, including an attack on the residence of the Kogi State Resident Electoral Commissioner Gabriel Longpet.

During a press conference in Lokoja on Friday, spokesperson for Kogi State APC campaign council, Kingsley Fanwo, alleged that the SDP governorship candidate masterminded the attack on the residence of the Kogi State Resident Electoral Commissioner. This attack involved a fierce gun battle with security agents and resulted in the burning of vehicles in the residence.

Fanwo went on to claim that the same arsonists also attempted to burn down the Kogi State Government House, but were foiled by security agents.

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“The bold-face criminality being perpetrated by the defeated SDP candidate and his violent gang of criminals is as a result of the lack of consequences over the gruesome killing of Khadijat at Kotonkarfe by agents of the SDP,” said Fanwo. “They shamelessly came out to say Khadijat was bearing an arm.”

Fanwo continued, “Till date, Muritala Yakubu Ajaka and his gun-welding killers have been moving freely on the streets. If they had been arrested for killing an innocent woman, they wouldn’t have had the guts to attempt to attack the Kogi Resident Electoral Commissioner.”

The APC campaign spokesperson also alleged that Ajaka and the SDP, along with their internal and external collaborators, have imported dare-devil thugs into the state to create a total breakdown of law and order.

“We call on security agencies to ensure those imported to kill our citizens are immediately fished out and prosecuted,” said Fanwo. “We also call on Governor Yahaya Bello to ensure our people are protected from assassins and arsonists brought into our dear state to ensure the flow of blood.”

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Fanwo concluded by calling on the Police, DSS, and other security agencies to immediately arrest Muritala Yakubu Ajaka to prevent anarchy in Kogi State.

In response, the Director of New Media Muri/Sam Campaign Council for SDP, Isaiah Davies Ijele, condemned the assassination attempt on the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner.

“Election should not be treated as a war, nor should it be a matter of life and death,” said Ijele. “If the election was won fairly and transparently, then the legal process should be allowed to run its course without interference.”

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Ijele also called for accountability for those involved in the attacks on the INEC REC and for all those who have been involved in inciting violence and making provocative statements to be apprehended and brought to justice.

The situation in Kogi State has raised concerns about the potential for further violence and instability in the region. The call for the arrest of the SDP governorship candidate has added fuel to the already tense political climate in the state.

As the situation continues to unfold, the eyes of the nation are on Kogi State, waiting to see how the authorities will respond to the growing unrest.



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