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Kimberly Guilfoyle Surprises Fans with Rare Makeup-Free Throwback Photo

Kimberly Guilfoyle Posts Rare Throwback Pic Without Makeup & We're Stunned

Former district attorney and television personality Kimberly Guilfoyle recently shocked her followers by sharing a rare throwback photo of herself without makeup. Known for her glamorous appearance, Guilfoyle’s natural look in the picture garnered a lot of attention and praise from fans.

The unexpected post, which was shared amidst a wave of Mother’s Day wishes, quickly became a favorite among Guilfoyle’s followers. Comments flooded in, with many expressing their admiration for the natural beauty captured in the photo. One fan described the image as “unimaginably happy, beautiful, and all natural,” while another praised Guilfoyle’s appearance with her son as a baby, calling it “stunning.”

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Guilfoyle, who is not known for sharing makeup-free photos, received an overwhelmingly positive response to the rare glimpse into her natural appearance. Fans seemed to prefer her unfiltered look over her usual glamorous style, with one user commenting, “Beautiful happy mother’s day. Such a gorgeous picture of you and newborn Ronan.”

Despite facing criticism in the past for her rumored plastic surgery, Guilfoyle’s decision to share a makeup-free photo resonated with her audience. The image showcased a different side of the television personality, prompting fans to appreciate her natural beauty.

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