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Sister Wives’ Kody Says He’s ‘Glad’ He and Meri ‘Didn’t Have More Children’

In a candid and emotional episode of the Sister Wives Special: Look Back, Where We Started, Kody Brown, 54, and Meri Brown, 52, delved into their past fertility challenges and the heart-wrenching struggle they faced in trying to expand their family. The couple, who announced their separation in January after over three decades together, revisited pivotal moments from the show, shedding light on their journey and the emotional toll it took on their relationship.

Reflecting on their past, Kody expressed relief at not having more children, emphasizing the importance of their well-being at the time. “Retrospectively, I’m really glad we didn’t have more children,” he revealed during the episode. “It wouldn’t have been good for the child because Meri and I weren’t healthy then.”

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The episode also featured clips from 2012, where Kody and Meri were optimistic about pursuing invitro fertilization (IVF) to fulfill their dream of expanding their family. Meri expressed her desire for another child, saying, “It just freaks me out to go through that again. I want to have another baby. I would love that.” Kody, too, was supportive of the idea at the time, envisioning a future where they would be glad they pursued IVF.

However, as the years passed, their perspective shifted. In a clip from 2013, Kody admitted to a change of heart regarding the possibility of having more children. When asked about his willingness to have another baby, he confessed, “I would do it if it just happened,” highlighting the diminished urgency he felt due to past challenges and the strain on their marriage.

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Kody Brown Reveals He s Glad He and Meri Brown Didn t Have More Children in Sister Wives Special 523

The couple’s journey was marked by profound loss, including a miscarriage in the mid-2000s after years of trying to conceive. Reflecting on this tumultuous period, Kody acknowledged that it was a time of realization about the state of their marriage. Meri echoed this sentiment, describing their relationship as “slightly tumultuous” during that time.

Despite the romantic ups and downs, Meri expressed her deep desire for a larger family, revealing that it took her and Kody five years to conceive their only child, Leon, born in July 1995.

Meri has been open about her fertility struggles, sharing a poignant message about her past miscarriage in May. She expressed the bittersweet emotions surrounding the loss, reflecting on the teenage years her child might have experienced. “There’s often a lot of sorrow and pain surrounding that loss, but having that moment of joy today, seeing those boys happy and alive, was healing in a way for me,” she wrote on Instagram.

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The couple’s journey has been marked by heartbreak, resilience, and the unwavering desire for a larger family. Their openness about their struggles has resonated with viewers, sparking conversations about fertility challenges and the emotional toll it takes on individuals and relationships.

As they continue to navigate their separate paths, Kody and Meri’s story serves as a reminder of the complexities and emotional weight of fertility struggles and the profound impact it can have on individuals and couples.

Kody Brown Reveals He s Glad He and Meri Brown Didn t Have More Children in Sister Wives Special 524Kody Brown Reveals He s Glad He and Meri Brown Didn t Have More Children in Sister Wives Special 523

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