Kobe Bryant Vacation Dad Bod Jacked & Hairless (Update)

2:36 PM PT — Kobe has … (ahem) … weighed in on the pics — saying, “Objects on camera may appear larger than they do in the mirror haha.”

He added, “ok…ok…ok. Gimme 30 days #challengeaccepted #mambathick #mambabeast.”

Kobe Bryant‘s chest is just like his jumper … SMOOTH!

The Mamba ditched the shirt for a relaxing poolside session in Portofino, Italy while on vacation with his family — but just like the rest of us, he couldn’t muster up the strength to put his phone away. 

Italy is like a second home for Kobe — he grew up there while his father played pro ball in Calabria and speaks fluent Italian.

Portofino is poppin’ right now for rich people — Kris Jenner hit up the vacation spot last month. Same with Tiffany Trump. And Heidi Klum was there last week!

Maybe they all use the same waxer?

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