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Josephine Skriver’s Morning Routine Involves Sweat and a Spoon

It’s no surprise that Josephine Skriver‘s morning starts with a workout.

Earning a spot on the the Victoria’s Secret runway doesn’t just happenSo we caught up with the supermodel during fashion week to learn more about how she’s prepping to don those iconic wings. 

Josephine, who is the face of the brand’s new LOVE fragrance, said she recently resolved to become an early riser, which means exercise, homemade breakfast and a supermodel-status beauty routine—all without even hitting the snooze button. Starting from about 5 a.m., it’s Josephine time, and according to the model, that’s sacred.

“My morning is so important,” she said. “I wake up, I get to be me. I catch up on my emails, call my mom and make sure to update home and start the day right.”

Starting the day right also means breaking a sweat. Josephine opts for lifting weights and cardio, and works out with a trainer to keep her on track for those early hours. She’s also recently taken up Kung Fu, inspired by the upcoming Victoria’s Secret trip to Shanghai and her general belief that women should be empowered with some kind of self-defense technique.

“You know how you don’t go out the door without brushing your teeth? That’s kind of what a morning workout became for me. It became a routine.”

Of course, skincare is an essential part of that morning ritual as well. And when asked about her radiant complexion—Josephine actually glows—she had one word: hydration.

Is that all it takes?

“If you think you’re drinking enough water, you probably aren’t,” she said, adding a challenge to double up on our current daily doses of H20. “I saw so much improvement in my skin, nothing can help me more. “They tell you sleep more, but that’s just not in the cards for me.”

This makes sense when you’re setting the alarm for sunrise.

Josephine also swears by finding the right face oils for your skin type, and has recently started dry rubbing for exfoliation. The process involves scrubbing down your body with a dry brush to remove dead skin. It’s had such a positive effect, the model said even photographers have started to notice.

And as she’s no stranger to set life, Josephine has picked up a number of pro tips that are now part of her A.M. makeup routine. Growing up as a tomboy with almost no beauty products around the house, the angel’s exposure to makeup has come almost entirely from her job. In order to avoid leaving the house with mascara everywhere, Josephine learned to place a spoon directly under her eye before application so the product doesn’t land on the skin. 

Now, she’s adding a spritz of LOVE to that routine, which is only fitting for an angel who is also a spokesperson in the LGBTQ community.”The whole concept of love, that’s everything I stand for,” she said. “I’m just about letting people love. Love is so innocent. It couldn’t be a more fitting perfume.”

We couldn’t think of a better woman for the job.

So while most of us are still rolling out of bed, this model is energized, hydrated, made up and out the door without a mascara mishap in sight. 

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