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Is Shay Mitchell Writing a Beauty Book? Her Guilty Pleasure, Revealed

Work hard. Eat hard.

In Shay Mitchell‘s case, that entails a lot of carbs—chips, pizza and a whole lot of pasta. Luckily, the Pretty Little Liars star is quite the workout warrior.

“At the end of the day, everything in moderation,” said the actress, who admitted that ordering food in bed is her guilty pleasure.

On Saturday, the 30-year-old actress was the celebrity guest at SHAPE Body Shop in LA, a fitness pop-up studio, and shared everything from her diet preferences, beauty secrets (a book may be on the way!) to her intense workout routine.

“I feel best after a great workout,” the star told E! News. “It’s extremely important and releases endorphins. It’s a great activity to do with friends. 

Shay’s Instagram followers know she’s an avid fan of boxing and cardio classes, like Barry’s Bootcamp, but what workout does she dread?

“I’m not a big fan of running outside,” she said. “I’m not a heavyweight type of person. But if doing deadlifts and you want to get that booty to grow, yes, do heavier weights.”

Still, there’s “no excuse to not workout,” noted the actress, who brings a rope with her when she travels.

“You don’t need to be a member of a gym or go to classes even. You can literally grab a jump rope. Even walking is important,” said Shay, who counts her legs as her best body parts because they get her around. “[There’s] so many different ways to workout. I use a chair or couch to do pushups.”

The actress is just as dedicated to a healthy skin-care routine as she with fitness. It’s important to get into a routine, she stressed. Her nighttime ritual? The star removes all her makeup, washes her face, and once a week, the Bioré spokeswoman swears by the brand’s Self Heating One Minute Mask.

“Anybody can do that with a busy schedule,” she added.

Out of the PLL cast, Shay calls herself the biggest beauty junkie, giving her costars advice on where to go for the best facials and spas. She’s even picked up a plethora of tips from the makeup artists working on set.

“Spoons in the morning. Putting spoons in the freezer, and using those on your eyes to depuff,” advised Shay. “Hanging over the side of the bed helps with blood flow, kind of wakes you up. You know, late nights and early mornings—you kind of need a little refresh.”

Don’t worry—there’s more tips and tricks to come. 

“I’m going to write a book eventually, so I’ll tell you all about them then.”

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