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Is Jessie James Decker Planning to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom? Find Out in This Eric & Jessie Sneak Peek!



It’s date night for the Deckers!

In this preview from tonight’s season three premiere of Eric & Jessie, Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker are stepping out for an evening alone in NYC before he begins football training camp and she travels to Los Angeles for work.

But as the couple enjoys their one-on-one time, Eric has just one request for his wife. “Will you not go to work and stay home with me forever?” he wonders.

“Sometimes I get the vibe you don’t want me to have a job,” Jessie replies. “Babe, do you not want me to bring home the bacon? I feel like you knew when you married me I like to work.”

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“I did,” Eric responds. “That was attractive. I’m saying I enjoy when you’re home now.” Aww! He adds, “Maybe one day we’ll live in one city for the year and see how that works out for us.”

“That’s probably the toughest part because we never get to really be anywhere for too long,” she agrees. “I really love our house in Nashville. I’m so happy there, even though it’s haunted. I’m fine with it.” LOL!

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Get a peek at the couple’s date night in the clip above!

Watch the season three premiere of Eric & Jessie tomorrow at 10 p.m., only on E!


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